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"They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But even in a picture, you need the RIGHT WORDS. Not just any words will do. Your words need to work hard like you do. So, when it comes to selecting the right words for the job, Alan is the best in the business."    Rick Allen/Google Review

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Power Up Your Headlines may be the most important Guide I've written.  Merging Modern Headline Theory with classic, proven copywriting concepts gives you the firepower to grab and keep attention.  Find it in the Headline Toolbox.

Are you one of the 70% of marketers and copywriters who blatantly ignore most of your prospects?  Here's a way to find out - and if you are - how to cure it quickly and without spending lots of do-re-mi.

VIDEO  Have you ever been to a networking event?  I've been to over 100.  I find them rather boring...the exception being the one where I spoke to over 80 networkers and introduced my Better Elevator Pitch.  As Alka-Seltzer once said, "Try It; You'll Like It".

One of over 30 Quick Refer Guides, this piece does double duty as a template and teaching guide as well as a deep-dive checklist.  I never submit a piece without running it through the "Ultimate" final test.

Taglines are a critical part of the copywriter's art.  But not any old tagline will work to grab attention and generate interest.  This guide walks you through the HOWs and WHYs of tagline creation.

Copywriting applies to Emails just as much as it does to websites and advertising.  This Quick Refer Guide gives you a wonderful checklist to follow when writing marketing Emails.  Don't send them without it.

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Here's what we believe is the right way to handle our course offerings.

  1. Be my guest to Preview one of the Guides included in your course.
  2. Most copywriting courses are either limited in scope or contain units by several authors, who occasionally give contradictory advice or opinions.   
  3. WLAM U's Copywriting System is 100% written/edited by me, Alan Tarr.  Your course speaks with one voice - the voice of the World's Best CopywritersTM
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"I learned SO MUCH from Alan Tarr's expertise and approach to writing smart and effective copy. If you want improve your public writing skills, this is for you!"   Pam Schoessling, Coach, Wisconsin

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Hi, Alan again...and, yes, I to write.


I’ve written jingles for franchises, jokes for TV (Merv Griffin Show), song parodies for MAD Magazine (another tie-in to the “Madman” title), four books on copywriting and marketing and even wrote and published four songs of my own. Mostly though, I’ve spent over 35 years writing dynamic copy for clients large and small...and learning a ton.


One thing I learned is there are tens of thousands of people who call themselves "copywriters".  I also know that trained copywriters are in demand --- and not just anyone who hangs out a shingle qualifies as trained.


Too Many People Spend Too Much Time Achieving Success,

And Not Enough Enjoying It.


Now, my passion is helping the current generations of copywriters acquire the skills to succeed - and freeing up your time to enjoy life, family, and friends.


With seminars, books, and personal coaching, I've helped over 3100 emerging copywriters, business owners and NPOs get more success while working less.  It's true.  I wrote the Courses at Write Like A madman University (WLAM U) - all 310+ Videos, Audios, Guides, Articles, Templates, Checklists, and Case Studies to have dozens to hundreds of answers, templates, and strategies at your fingertips saving you precious time.


If you "Wannabe" a Better Copywriter or Entrepreneur, and add balance to your life by working smarter - not harder, perhaps I can help you, too.  Enrolling is quick, easy and Risk-Free.

"Gotta tell ya. Your book was great, but your courses are AWESOME"
Mike Ohsman, Arizona

"Easy to read and understand and very well illustrated.

College courses should be this detailed.”   Paula W, Small Business Owner, AZ