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"The Ability to use the Right Words and the Right Images, in the Right Order"


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"They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But even in a picture, you need the RIGHT WORDS. Not just any words will do. Your words need to work hard like you do. So, when it comes to selecting the right words for the job, Alan is the best in the business."    Rick Allen/Google Review

Look At Just Some Of What You Get

Let's talk about the most important 7 inches on your website.  It's called the Above the Fold" are (ATF).  This refers to the portion of your website that appears on an average notebook computer before scrolling down.

Old joke, but this Guide introduces a very serious topic...Logical Thought SequencingTM Especially valuable for websites, landing pages, long copy, reports, etc.  Pair LTS with "Thought Bites" for a complete system.

Logical Thought Sequencing (LTS) is most effective when it consists of a sequence of Thought Bites, guiding the reader down the page in an easily read progression to your CTA or Big Ask.

The Call-To-Action (CTA) is one of the most misunderstood items on websites.  Some people over-emphasize it's importance, while others under-emphasize it.  Get the truth, the whole truth and 'nuttin' but the truth here.

The Value Proposition is the core of your marketing message, telling the reader the WHAT, WHY, and HOW your product or service will improve their businesses, lives, and fortunes.  Get this right - or...

VIDEO and Guide: Takes the form of a self-quiz for your website.  Go through the 13 Essentials and calculate where you stand and what - if anything - needs to be done to elevate your site to the top of the Effectiveness rankings.

How will you design your site?  Is there an actual purpose for your design?  Is it meant to "wow" the visitor, or to inform?  How will you decide where to place the contents and in what order?  This blurb may be all questions - but this template/guide will provide these answers and more.

Let's make it pretty.  Let's make it colorful.  Let's hold on a minute.  The primary and secondary colors you use on your site can give a visitor psychological hints to you and your company.  Read this Guide before you choose your colors - or as a check to your current websites' colors.

A BONUS Guide that helps you use elements of this course along with all the How-To's of Email construction and writing.   The "Elephant" and "Thought Bite" Guides go perfectly with what you'll learn in "Max Impact".  Remember the importance of email marketing cannot be over-estimated.

Too darn many marketers (and their copywriters) start their Lead Generation campaigns with little, if any, forethought as to what, how, and WHY they're doing what their doing.  Whether your just starting, or if your results have been feeble, read this guide.

Are you one of the 70% of marketers and copywriters who blatantly ignore most of your prospects?  Here's a way to find out - and if you are - how to cure it quickly and without spending lots of do-re-mi.

One of your Quick-Refer Guides.  All the information you need on one easy-to-read page.  Keep these QRGs handy whenever you're writing...if you need an idea, or maybe check out a rule, you can do it in seconds.

Most copywriting courses are either limited in scope or contain units by several authors, who occasionally give contradictory advice or opinions.  
WLAM U's Copywriting System is 100% written/edited by me, Alan Tarr. 
RWP speaks with one voice - the voice of the World's Best CopywritersTM.

Learn More Website Strategy
Than Most Website Designers

While website strategy evolves into a psychological competition for most online and brick and mortar businesses, there are many "experts" still preaching the past era's gospel of slick, pretty, and modern rather than the deeper values of customer self-interest, Logical Thought SequencingTM, and effectiveness.


I am heartened at this movement toward consumers and results.  It makes my decades long work even more central to online success than ever.


In this course you will discover how you - not your webmaster - can, and should,  design the strategy for your website, landing pages, brochures, and emails.  Your job is to direct your webmaster/technician, not to hand over full control.

"I learned SO MUCH from Alan Tarr's expertise and approach to writing smart and effective copy. If you want improve your public writing skills, this is for you!"   Pam Schoessling, Coach, Wisconsin

"Gotta tell ya. Your book was great, but your courses are AWESOME"
Mike Ohsman, Arizona

Hi, Alan Tarr again,


My online RWP course at Write Like A Madman University is absolutely geared for those copywriters and marketer/copywriters who understand the life-or-death importance of websites, landing pages, emails, and customer engagement.  Above all, they want to be game changers., not followers.

I am a 35-year Master Copywriter who now shows others, through my online university, how acquiring certain top-tier writing and strategy skills can elevate any career in which communications – both internal and external – are important – especially writing.  This is my passion, my hobby, and my business..


In the past 21 years I have helped over 3100 writers, entrepreneurs, and non-profits enhance their skills and their revenues.  Many of these folks discovered that by having time-saving answers, strategies, and templates at their fingertips, they can really ENJOY their success, and spend more time with family and friends.


Perhaps I can help you, too. Enrolling is quick, easy, and Risk-Free.

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