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"They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But even in a picture, you need the RIGHT WORDS. Not just any words will do. Your words need to work hard like you do. So, when it comes to selecting the right words for the job, Alan is the best in the business."   

Rick Allen/Google Review

Becoming better communicators can do more than boost your sales - it can lift your whole attitude.

Look At Just Some Of What You Get

Yes, we start at the beginning with the timeless fundamentals - which even very experienced marketers cannot easily define. M4S 101 puts down markers for you will rely on time and time again in your career

Ask most business owners about the difference between tactical and strategic marketing and you'll face a sot of blank stares.  Understanding the difference and putting the right one in the right spot can make all the difference.

AUDIO & PDF.  Sometimes, before you can boost your marketing results, you must first understand WHY you aren't succeeding to the level you expect.  9 Reasons spotlight common problems, then gives you the FIX.

When asked about their product or service why, oh why, do we hear a list of great features - like a 63 gig audioplex woofer, or a computer controlled intake besigaplatz?  I don't care!!!  I need to know what the darn thing can do for me?

Everybody loves a good checklist...and the 17 Mistakes is just that.  When you're marketing your company or NPO, before you spend money on ads, post on social, or go a networking meeting...first check your marketing against this list, then...think!

In M4S 102 we delve into topics "mucho importante". You'll be introduced to Differentiation, Budgeting, some definitions, via quotes, and a 5 Question Self-Test.  From here, e can go anywhere...but try to follow the order in your course before exploring.

It should be obvious to you, my friends, that Differentiation is not only a hot topic, but is essential for survival.  "Me-too-ism" is not going to get you anywhere in the marketplace. You need to strive to be unique and different in at least one important way.

Virtually every business that does marketing has a website, including professionals and Non-Profits.  Competition is all around us and a great website can make all the difference in the world.  This Secret Formula will help make your website EFFECTIVE!

This BONUS comes in the form of my Audio Book, "WIN The Marketing Game And STOP Wasting Money".  You get 16 Audio Sessions AND - for those of you who can't stand my voice...you get word-for-word transcripts for each session. Find this from your Dashboard.

VIDEO  Have you ever been to a networking event?  I've been to over 100.  I find them rather boring...the exception being the one where I spoke to over 80 networkers and introduced my Better Elevator Pitch.  As Alka-Seltzer once said, "Try It; You'll Like It".

77 Marketing terms that sometimes folks either don't know, or don't know correctly.  Check this Glossary our anytime you find a term you don't absolutely, positively, understand.  Also a great help when you're writing.  Find this on your Dashboard/Other.

15 Action Steps is one of our most popular Guides in the past year or so.  It includes (would you believe?) 15 particularly positive points that you can do now to make all your communications more readable,

Most copywriting courses are either limited in scope or contain units by several authors, who occasionally give contradictory advice or opinions.  

WLAM U's Copywriting System is 100% written/edited by me, Alan Tarr.  

 M4S speaks with one voice - the voice of the World's Best CopywritersTM.

"I learned SO MUCH from Alan Tarr's expertise and approach to writing smart and effective copy. If you want improve your public writing skills, this is for you!"   Pam Schoessling, Coach, Wisconsin

"Gotta tell ya. Your book was great, but your courses are AWESOME"
Mike Ohsman, Arizona

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Hello, Alan Tarr again.


My online Marketing For Smarties course at Write Like A Madman University is specifically geared for those copywriters and marketer/copywriters who understand the urgency of fine-tuning their communication skills so they generate more and better leads, engagements, and clients.

I am a 35-year Master Copywriter who now shows others, through my online university, how acquiring certain top-tier writing and strategy skills can elevate any career in which communications – both internal and external – are important – especially writing.  This is my passion, my hobby, and my business..


In the past 21 years I have helped over 3100 writers, entrepreneurs, and non-profits enhance their skills and their revenues.  Many of these folks discovered that by having time-saving answers, strategies, and templates at their fingertips, they can really ENJOY their success, and spend more time with family and friends.


Perhaps I can help you get this kind of success, too. Enrolling is quick, easy, and Risk-Free.

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