"Unlike others, the Formulas and Techniques in my Five Buck Book, How To Write Copy, 
have been proven effective time after time."

If Mark Twain agrees - it's got to be Right!

If You Can't Clearly, Quickly, and Easily State How You Improve Your Prospects' Lives... How Can You Expect Them To Buy?


Look at the mastheads on two of my websites and you’ll see what I consider the essence of my value to clients.  I’ve lived by it for over 35 years in my copywriting career.  Because it’s true – and because people understand it immediately.  It is:


“The Ability to use the Right Words and the Right Images,

in the Right Order is your Million Dollar Advantage!”


But in the 20+ years I’ve been consulting and coaching those who run small businesses or non-profits, I don’t think I’ve found more than a handful that were able to describe the essence of their organizations clearly and concisely.


What is the essence of what you do?  

Can you effectively communicate it in 25 words or less?  If you haven’t yet, now’s the time to give it a try.


Incorporate Your Essence Statement Throughout Your Organization  

C’mon now…don’t be shy.  If you got it, flaunt it.


For example, use it as the opener in your Elevator Pitch.  I do, and it works like a charm.  It turns your humdrum 90-second snorer of a reply, to a whiz-bang, curiosity provoking, 8-second conversation starter. With my exclusive, "The Better Elevator Pitch", you aim for a dialogue, rather than a monologue. 


Use it in your ads. Use it as your tagline if it’s short enough.  Put in on your business card, email signature block, website…pretty much anything short of tattooing it on your forehead should be a plus.


Think Conventionally And Fail Like So Many Others

In Chapter 2 of How To Write Copy – “Differentiate Now”, we discuss the truth of Ray Rubicam’s admonition, “The beginning of greatness is to be different, and the beginning of failure is to be the same”.


This truth applies to most things in life, and more than most to marketing strategy.  It sets you apart and gives you an edge on the competition.  Think of your corporate colors, the look and feel of your facility, the way you show appreciation to your customers, the appearance of your staff, any many more.


The same goes double for your copywriting.


“The words you use are the #1 determinant of success in marketing – even more than the money you spend on it.”  The prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania conducted an exhaustive study of marketing and concluded that what you say is more important even, than what you spend.


Learning copywriting has two benefits then…saving money and making money.





Take One Humongous Step Forward

Will How To Write Copy Make You A Master Copywriter?

If I were both desperate to sell this book and a bit on the shady side, I’d say yes.


Truth is, it’s a huge step in the right direction, but it won’t give you the deep-dive training it takes to be in the top 10-20%.  That comes with time.


No worries though, because you’ll be a far, far better writer than you are now – and – you’ll have a decided advantage over your competitors, many of whom may neverhave heard of HTWC.  Plus, additional training and materials are available to you.

  • Josh K’s (GA) Non-Profit has grown fast and furious since he read How To Write Copy. He’s now a member of our How To Write Copy community at Write Like A Madman University Courses.
  • Craig H (TX) has more than doubled his revenue within 8 months of re-writing his website using the formulas found in Radical WebPower (chapter 9).


How To Write Copy Goes To College

Marketing & Advertising Prof David W. (MI) uses HTWC and our course videos in his classes. “…my students were engaged and excited.  We all liked the real-life examples that brought the message home clearly.”


Fewer than 3-out-of-10 small businesses or non-profits effectively communicate their message to their core audience.  


The question is not whether you are one of the seven or the three, but to what degree.  The fact you have chosen to read this book, inarguably places you in my most prized category – people passionate in their beliefs, realistic in their assessments, and open to learning how to boost their performance, and thus their success.


If this sounds like you, let me assure you, How To Write Copy: Your Million Dollar Advantage is for you.


Who The Heck Is This Guy?  

 My name is Alan Tarr, I am a Master Copywriter, and I love to write.


I’ve written ad jingles, songs, jokes for a TV talk show, parodies for a famous satire magazine, and copy for businesses ranging from giant multi-nationals to the corner café. I trained at one of the top five International Ad Agencies on Madison Avenue, and worked as both an in-house copywriter and a freelancer. I also owned and successfully marketed - and sold - four small businesses over my 35+ year career.


So, it shouldn’t surprise you that I love my life, and consider myself a very lucky man.


My Passion and My Purpose

I know it sounds corny, but my passion and my purpose is you.


I’m no gazillionaire – not even close – but I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone’s.  When I was coming up, I was mentored by a lot of folks.  I worked for agencies run by the Original Madmen. [Note: I named my website Write Like A Madman University (WLAM U) in honor of those great agency heads – all copywriters – who were the inspiration for the hit TV show “Madmen” – Bill Bernbach, David Ogilvy, Rosser Reeves, and Ray Rubicam.]  


Write Like A Madman University – and this book – are my way of paying it forward.


What This Book Will Do For You

Okay, I’m tired of talking about myself; let’s concentrate on YOU.


“You” are entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, and copywriters both new and experienced.  “You” would like to boost the results you’re currently getting from your websites, landing pages, social media ads, email campaigns, and even traditional advertising and marketing.  And “you” would like to live the fun, flexible, and successful life you dream about.


You have my word, How To Write Copy will point out common problems, offer solutions, and give you options going forward.

It’s The Content After All

We live in challenging times…avenues by which you can communicate your message to your ideal – or avatar – client have exploded exponentially since I began my journey at age eighteen.


It’s challenging because now we have so many ways be a star, but an equal number of ways we can muck it up.  And now, we have the added burden of giving our prospects and customers good, helpful information on doing business in our industry.  Guides, check lists, reviews, tips, comparisons, reports, articles, and even books head the list of content many businesses – both for, and non-profit, provide happily and free.


If you’re not willing to help prospects make the best buying/donating decisions for them, this new game isn’t for you.


But We’re Not An Internet Business…

Maybe yes, maybe no.


But I’ll make a small wager that over 93% of you have websites, social media pages, or Yelp reviews.  Now hear this, my friends, that makes you an Internet Business.  Auto repair shops, veterinarians, hair salons, doctors, dentists, pizza joints…you name it…are found through the Internet.  


And an Internet business runs on Content.


Give To Get

“You gotta give to get” is an axiom that perfectly fits the Content Culture.


Content not only helps educate and inform your prospects, but it helps them take the measure of you and your company.  Be helpful.  Be generous.  Be happy.  “BUT” I hear you cry, “we need to be selling”.  Ah, but you are.  You’re selling yourself, your expertise, and your caring.  A soft sell – maybe?  I like to think of it as putting a small sliver of you into your prospect’s mind, nurturing it, and maintaining it until that prospect is ready to buy.  If you’ve done your job correctly, that prospect will likely conclude, “I’d have to be a raving lunatic NOT to do business with you”.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Content Marketing in a nutshell and one great advantage.


A Modest Example

Sorry…but here I go, talking about myself again…don’t worry, it’s a story with a moral.


I believe that I give out more Free, Original, “How-To” marketing content than any individual on the internet.  I currently distribute over 180 different pieces of content through Facebook, Linked-In, Instagram, You Tube, Emails, etc.  Each item is designed to help folks understand one facet of marketing and conquer it with copywriting.  

Now, my business is selling Copywriting, Marketing and, Website Science Courses to entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, and copywriters.  I expect my free Content to keep me in their minds, so when they need or want to learn and prosper, they’ll think of "How To Write Copy" at Write Like A Madman University.


If succeeding in today’s environment is important to you, start developing Content, asap.

Some Facts Of Life

Here, my friends, is a dirty little secret…


“Most small businesses and non-profits communicate dreary, unoriginal, same-old, same-old messages to their prospects and customers”.  Those “creating” these messages seldom – if ever – think they could be doing better – a lot better.


But now, YOU can.


Everyone Wants (And Needs) An Advantage

But where does this advantage come from?


It comes from you, the creator of the message.  A credo I have lived by for over 35 years as a copywriter is simple, true, and attainable.  It is this:


“The Ability to use the Right Words, and the Right Images,

in the Right Order is the Copywriter’s Million Dollar Advantage”.


Success comes from the knowledge and talent of the writer, the marketer…in other words...you.


Now, Go Forth And Succeed Like Crazy

I believe in you.


You wouldn’t be reading How To Write Copy: Your Million Dollar Advantage if you didn’t want to succeed.  You’re open to fresh ideas, new formulas, and even being a bold and active marketer.  You understand that Copywriting is the foundation of almost all marketing.  You will learn to construct messages that resonate with your core audience, and how to structure those messages for the best results.


Let’s succeed together.

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