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"I was very fortunate to learn from the greatest minds copywriting ever produced.  They were the heads of the top agencies on Madison Avenue.   I learned what sets good/great copywriters and marketers apart from the others.  


“The Ability to use the Right Words and the Right Images,

in the Right Order, and get your Million Dollar Advantage!”


Learn the real "What-To's, How-To's, and Why To's" from a Master Copywriter who's "been there, done that, wrote the video".  Here's just a sampling of what you'll discover.

  • "The Essence of Marketing is your Message; and the Essence of your Message is Copywriting"
  • Write Clear, Concise, Conversational, and Customer-focused copy
  • How To create Powerful, Winning Headlines
  • Don't write to be understood; write so you can't be MISunderstood
  • It's not about you.  It's all about your Customer.
  • Can the cliches, pass on the platitudes, bash the banal and hang the hackneyed - all they can do is waste your money.
  • It's not your money that determines's your Message
  • "The beginning of greatness is to be different and the beginning of failure is to be the same."  Ray Rubicam
  • "Complexity is not to be admired.  It is to be avoided."  Jack Trout
  • "The most powerful element in advertising is the truth."  Bill Bernbach

Trained Copywriters are in demand.

"They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But even in a picture, you need the RIGHT WORDS. Not just any words will do. Your words need to work hard like you do. So, when it comes to selecting the right words for the job, Alan is the best in the business."    Rick Allen/Google Review

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"I learned SO MUCH from Alan Tarr's expertise and approach to writing smart and effective copy. If you want improve your public writing skills, this is for you!"   Pam Schoessling, Coach, Wisconsin

The most recent 106 Seminar Attendees Rated Alan 4.91/5 Stars

Google:  17 Reviews 5/5 Stars

Hello, my name is Alan Tarr, Founder, Chief Content Officer and Author of the "How To Write Copy" Courses at Write Like A Madman University...and I to write.


I’ve written jingles for franchises, jokes for TV (Merv Griffin Show), song parodies for MAD Magazine (another tie-in to the “Madman” title), four books on copywriting and marketing and even wrote and published four songs of my own. Mostly though, I’ve spent over 35 years writing dynamic copy for clients large and small...and learning a ton.


One thing I learned is there are tens of thousands of people who call themselves "copywriters".  I also know that trained copywriters are in demand --- and not just anyone who hangs out a shingle qualifies as trained.


Sharpen Your Skills To Succeed

Now, my passion is helping the current generations of entrepreneurs and copywriters acquire the full array of skills needed to succeed.


With seminars, books, and personal coaching, I've helped over 3100 emerging copywriters, business owners and NPOs.  I wrote the Courses at Write Like A madman University (WLAM U) - all 380+ Videos, Audios, Guides, Articles, Templates, Checklists, and Case Studies to help them.  


If you "Wannabe" a Better Copywriter or Entrepreneur, perhaps I can help you, too.

"Gotta tell ya. Your book was great, but your courses are AWESOME"
Mike Ohsman, Arizona

Do You Like To Write?  Or, Do You Have To Write?

There are loads of folks who enjoy writing and want to get better.  There are others who need to write for their job, but may not enjoy it or be very good at it.


"How To Write Copy" at Write Like A Madman University (WLAM U) can show both types of folks how to get better at writing sales copy - and the better you get, the more you tend to enjoy it.


Think Of What Lies Within You
I have found that about 7-out-of-10 people I deal with have a natural talent for communication.  The lucky ones get training to sharpen their skills that give them an advantage when pursuing their dream careers, side gigs, or growing their business.


There are different paths to the same end.  At age 18, during college, I interned for two years at a top-five Madison Avenue Ad Agency at minimum wage.  But I got a tremendous education in exchange.  There I learned the Techniques and Secrets of the World’s Best Copywriters…and how to apply them to business.


Most of us have responsibilities and expenses that make fulfilling your dreams something you have to do on your own.  Thankfully,  you can learn the Techniques and Secrets of the World's Best Copywriters - expanded and updated by my 35+ years of doing it - now online.

"Easy to read and understand and very well illustrated.

College courses should be this detailed.”   Paula W, Small Business Owner, Arizona