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Hello and Welcome.

I'm Alan Tarr, Master Copywriter and author of the "How To Write Copy" courses at Write Like A Madman University and founder of the Copywriter On-Call Club.  


Did you know, more than 7-out-of-10 small businesses and non-profits are getting disappointing results from their websites, landing pages, emails and ads?  And that the primary culprit is a lack of the "Ability to use the Right Words and the Right Images, in the Right Order"?


The Copywriter On-Call Club solves that problem and gives you a Million Dollar Advantage! 

10 Top Reasons For "Hiring" An On-Call Advisor

For small business and NPOs, all too often, marketing sins are the result of a decision that, “Marketing, Copywriting and Messaging are easy so, let’s save money and do it ourselves.”  Sadly, this approach usually leads to bigger mistakes, more spending and fewer sales. 


That's why I created the Copywriter On-Call Club.  It's a simple concept.  Give small businesses and emerging copywriters access to big business talent for a tiny monthly retainer fee - so when you need advice or help - it's there for you.


The Top 10 Reasons for Hiring a Marketing/Copywriting Pro

10)   Unless you're a trained expert, your time is more profitably spent running your business.

9)    I've been through what you're going through - and learned from it.

8)    Outside advisors bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to old problems.

7)    A professionally developed marketing message and value proposition can increase results.

6)    I have access to other talent you might need.

5)    Advisors aren't intimately or emotionally involved in your day-to-day operations, so they can more clearly see the big picture and...they can help train your marketing staff and make them better.

4)    Advisors aren’t selling advertising, so their advice on how and where to spend your marketing dollars is completely unbiased.

3)    Your advisor can save you from making a REALLY BIG or VERY COSTLY mistake.

2)    A Master Copywriter/Brand Strategist like me understands the psychology of motivation and has the ability to use the "Right Words and the Right Images, in the Right Order" giving you a Million Dollar Advantage.


…and the #ONE reason for hiring a marketing advisor is:

1)    Unlike an employee – you can fire an advisor in a New York minute.

Pricing Options

$15/Month Billed Annually


Being a member of the Copywriter On-Call 4 U Club means there is always an open line of communication between members and me, your advisor.


I am totally committed to your amazing success.  I no longer accept new non-member assignments, though I do continually work with clients who've been with me for years.  I made them all members of the Club.  Since I do all the writing, strategy sessions, and coaching, my time is limited -- and so are the new memberships.


My fondest desire is to meet you and have a hand in your success.

Alan has worked with over 3100 copywriters and entrepreneurs since 2002.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to call on his expertise whenever you needed?

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