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One of my coaching clients suggested I make my online Advanced Copywriting Techniques course available as a stand-alone, to those, who like him, have mastered the fundamentals of copywriting.  He asked me to make it affordable.  So, we cut $110 off the $297 regular price and lowered the renewal.  Then we did it for all our courses.  Thanks, Josh.

"They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But even in a picture, you need the RIGHT WORDS. Not just any words will do. Your words need to work hard like you do. So, when it comes to selecting the right words for the job, Alan is the best in the business."    Rick Allen/Google Review

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What are the first things you do when you're tasked with writing marketing copy for a product or service.  This 4-Step Approach takes the pressure off you by templating the process.  Methodology adds structure to your talent.

Old joke, but this Guide introduces a very serious topic...Logical Thought SequencingTM Especially valuable for websites, landing pages, long copy, reports, etc.  Pair LTS with "Thought Bites" for a complete system.

Logical Thought Sequencing (LTS) is most effective when it consists of a sequence of Thought Bites, guiding the reader down the page in an easily read progression to your CTA or Big Ask.

How to go about the process of creating the most effective Headline, Sub headline combination for that particular webpage, email, letter, ad, etc.  Without a great Headline package you chances of engagement fall by 63 - 77%.

The Value Proposition is the core of your marketing message, telling the reader the WHAT, WHY, and HOW your product or service will improve their businesses, lives, and fortunes.  Get this right - or...

Why do people decide to click on one piece of content while leaving others untouched, unclicked, unopened, and unread?  The answer is often that they are simply curious to see what it's all about.

Generals might be good in an Army, but not as claims in a marketing message.  Prospects turn into customers not because of any old claim, but because of specific claims that are beneficial to them.

Songs become hits because they stake out a little sliver of the listener's mind with, what in the music industry, is called a Hook.  We copywriters also want to claim a sliver of their reader's mind. We use our own HOOK to do it.

Email marketing is the most effective, lowest cost, and most precisely targeted messaging you can's done right.  The magic is in  knowing how to get them opened, read, and clicked.

Sub-Headlines (Advanced) are the critical transition between your headline and your copy.  They add clarity and credibility, can heighten appeal or project exclusivity.  Most businesses and lesser-experienced writers can overlook these important attributes.

What was once a skill common to professional copywriters, is now done correctly by a trained, precious few.  The days of Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and Twitter have eroded this skill among today's emerging copywriters...and we need it badly.

Power Up Your Headlines may be the most important Guide I've written.  Merging Modern Headline Theory with classic, proven copywriting concepts gives you the firepower to grab and keep attention.  Find it in the Headline Toolbox.

Most copywriting courses are either limited in scope or contain units by several authors, who occasionally give contradictory advice or opinions.

WLAM U's Copywriting System is 100% written/edited by me, Alan Tarr.  

ACT speaks with one voice - the voice of the World's Best CopywritersTM.

"I learned SO MUCH from Alan Tarr's expertise and approach to writing smart and effective copy. If you want improve your public writing skills, this is for you!"   Pam Schoessling, Coach, Wisconsin

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My online A.C.T. course at Write Like A Madman University is absolutely geared for those copywriters and marketer/copywriters who know the fundamentals and now want the game changers, not the followers.

I am a 35-year Master Copywriter who now shows others, through my online university, how acquiring certain top-tier writing skills can elevate any career in which communications – both internal and external – are important – especially writing.  This is my passion, my hobby, and my business.


In the past 21 years I have helped over 3100 writers, entrepreneurs, and non-profits enhance their skills and their revenues.  But that's not enough.  Many of these people wound up living their dream.  Work smarter, not longer.  Have time to enjoy your success and your family and friends.


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