Revenue & Profit are Different.
Are You

Many business owner do not distinguish between revenue and profit. While there maybe some relation, increasing revenue and increasing profits are really two different activities that require two different skill sets.


In this seminar our presenters, Robert Saul and Kim Piller will be showing strategies to increase both.


Kim Piller a certified Sandler sales trainer, a company focused on training teams on how to increase revenue,  will be discussing revenue generation strategies.


Robert Saul an Engineer and CEO of Serex, a business process automation company, will be discussing business process and workflow automation and how they positively impact profits when done right.


Revenue is typically increased by improving sales

Profit is usually increased by enhancing and automating business processes and workflows.

Our Presenters

Kim Piller
Certified Sandler Trainer

Kim works with business leaders, entrepreneurs, sales and leadership professionals all looking to be the best in reaching and surpassing their revenue goals.

He is an accomplished sales professional with 30 years of selling, sales management and sales training experience. Kim is one of a few sales training professionals left today that started his career cold calling, knocking on doors one after the next. If you’re nervous about cold calling, prospecting, Kim is the one to speak to, he’s been there and done it. You may not like prospecting, that’s ok, you just need to do it.
Kim is a Sales and Leadership trainer certified by Sandler Training. His passion is to work with individuals, sales, and leadership teams to move the needle.
Kim holds a degree of Bachelor of Commerce – Marketing Management from Toronto
Metropolitan University.

Robert Saul, B.Eng


Serex Corp

After completing computer engineering school, Robert worked as a design engineer at a security systems manufacturing company in Montreal. There, he designed and commercialized numerous alarm and security products. A few years later, Robert became a partner in the company and eventually served as the Executive Vice President of Sales.


In 1990, Robert sold his shares in the manufacturing company and founded Serex Corp in 1991. Initially a consulting firm focused on sales productivity, Serex quickly became one of the largest resellers of sales productivity tools in Canada.

Robert has provided consulting services to companies such as Key Publishing, Citi Bank, CBC, TSN, Ultramar, Mercer, Marsh, NEC, APPS Transport, Clarke Transport, and many more. Through these experiences, he has gained extensive expertise in business process and workflow automation across various industries, deploying solutions like CRM, marketing automation, customer service, low-code/no-code platforms, and project management.


Today, Robert remains the CEO of Serex Corp, which has grown into a multidivisional company with six complementary divisions, all focused on reducing costs and increasing valuation. For over a decade, he has concentrated on bringing his extensive experience with large companies to the SME sector.

Main Take Aways

In this interactive workshop, you'll learn from Kim how to create a Revenue Business Conversation with a prospect. We'll explore how the typical Buyer-Seller Dance can derail our efforts and discuss strategies to keep the conversation focused and purposeful. You'll also learn how to quickly qualify or disqualify a prospect.


From Robert you'll be shown some examples of how business process automation is helping increase efficiencies, reduce manpower, and make follow ups systematic. You will see first hand examples of what business workflow automation looks like and how when implemented properly, increases profits and valuations.


Date and Time

Date: June 18th, 2024
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Zoom Link to be emailed to registered attendees

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