Powerful Steps

Power Of Leadership Workshop May 2024

Power Of Leadership Workshop May

Get out of your own way and claim your power.

Unleashing the tools for female leaders to accelerate business and personal success.

This Workshop Includes

Day 1: The Foundations For Your Success

Day 1 is about the mindset and beliefs to become a leader, clearing roadblocks and gaining clarity.


Introduction and Welcome

  • Warm up and connection
  • Agenda for the workshop

Introducing the facilitators

  • How to get out of your own way and stop holding yourself back
  • Naomi and Tory to share the power of their story

Leading through Authenticity – Identifying my values

  • The power of identifying my top 3 values for life and business
  • Understanding the power of anchoring all words, behaviours and actions back to our values



Being Purpose Led - Articulating my purpose

  • Identifying my unique raison d’etre
  • Elevator pitch creation for my purpose statement



Leading with my Story - Communicating my Story - 5 Point story framework

  • Identifying the points of our story and capturing them into a 5 point framework
  • Telling my story

Leading myself out of self-sabotage - What’s holding me back and how do I overcome it

  • Identifying the self-limiting thoughts that serve as barriers to our success
  • Developing a plan to move beyond them


DAY 2 - Implementation Day - Getting You Off & Running
Day 2 is about action and the practical steps to making it happen

Introduction and welcome

Leading your Finances - Financial Empowerment workshop

  • Financial position - where to from here
  • What's your exit plan
  • Financial legacy



Let’s make it happen – turning your dream into a reality

  • Content creation workshop



Let’s make it happen – turning your dream into a reality (cont.)

  • LinkedIn amplification
  • Understanding our Google profile
  • Working with Brand SEO to stand out


Much love

Tory x