Powerful Steps

Business Attraction Program

Business Attraction Program

Learn how to build your personal brand

and attract abundance in business and life

The 6 week Business Attraction Program, hosted by Tory Archbold includes:
2 x 30 min mentoring sessions
I mentor successful women around the world, helping them turn their power into a superpower business. Drawing on my brand expertise and experience as an entrepreneur and CEO, I offer a blend of practical and spiritual support to empower both you and your business.


5 group webinars (60-90 minutes)
Where you’ll discover how to step into your power, become a super attractor, attain visibility in a virtual world, and build your global tribe. I’ll also share the power of storytelling and the importance of creating compelling content. We’ll reflect on your progress, meet with like-minded entrepreneurial women, and seek advice and guidance as you build your brand into the business of your dreams.


1 life changing dream delivery
Where are you now, and where do you want to be in five years time? My dream delivery meditation will help you work with intent and purpose to understand that your dreams wil become reality when you understand the powerful steps that will attract success naturally along your life journey.


Access to “Team You” package
To empower your personal brand, I can connect you with my tribe of branding and creative experts. For an additional cost you can have professional photos taken by a renowned fashion photographer, as well as your LinkedIn overhauled and copywriting expertly crafted by an award winning branding expert/copywriter. 


Inside the Business Attraction Program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use the 5 point story framework to craft your personal and business narratives that magnetize prospects, partners and your public profile.
  • Use “coffee dates” to create powerful connections and build authentic relationships and collaborations.
  • Elevate your online presence and improve SEO to ensure you show up in results.
  • Grow your community through strategic partnerships and collaborations, locally, nationally and globally.
  • Pitch to the media and have your story told to a wider audience.
  • Amplify your efforts through practical tips on time saving technology and platforms to streamline your business.

Can't wait to work with you.

Much love

Tory x

"I think of Tory like a personal trainer for business! Not only has my profile increased, but I have met some amazing women in the network with whom I am now collaborating.” Simone Clow, CEO, Zebrar

"Tory is the real deal...The magic that sets Tory apart is her innate ability to connect at a human level, to understand what her clients need at any given moment and the totally authentic energy she brings... If you are looking for an authentic, no bullshit wing woman who will give you a hug, a well-timed kick up the butt, powerful strategic advice and connect you with an incredible community of women, then Tory is your woman." 

Alexandra Tullio, Growth & Transformational Specialist

“Spending time with Tory Archbold is like having a daily dose of inspiration and accountability. Her energy, passion, commitment and love for creating a community of like minded women to thrive is incredible. She is raw, truthful, spectacularly brilliant with her ability to connect and be solutions focused and holds you to account with love.” Michelle Mennillo, CEO OTFC Group