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Dr. Shanell T. Smith

Doctoral Expert & Institutional Consultant


Case Studies

How Future Dr. WHITNEY BOND went from almost quitting her program to completing her Program Of Study in just 90 days!

How the now Rev. Dr. Tawanna Davis went from being on medical leave for 18 months to quickly flourishing in the academic world!

How the now Rev. Dr. TAMLA WILSON finished her dissertation with 2 kids, a full-time job and ministry!

How Future Dr. JANA PETERSON excelled in her program without putting her life on hold!

How Future Dr. TAUREAN WEBB improved his time management and work efficiency with a growing family in a global pandemic.

How the now Rev. Dr. CHELSEA YARBOROUGH went from having self-doubt to embracing being a scholar!

How Future Rev. Dr. LESLIE BOWLING-DYER went from “getting lost” in the everything-ness of her program to reinvigorating her “Why” for pursuing a doctorate.


Success Stories

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