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You will get immediate access to an Innovation playbook which helps you understand your innovation archetype, characteristics, and propensities to garner greater success and prosperity. Additional exercises help identify and remedy potential blockages holding you back from achieving your greatness! Lastly, you get a personalized IGNITE session with me to discuss how you can achieve your Greatest Success Year ever! Fast action takers get a FREE Continuous Innovation - Strategies for Greater Success Masterclass (held in January 2023).

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*Challenges are unique content which run through the first week in January. Sign up today, as one lucky winner per week will receive a breakthrough coaching workshop to catapult you further and faster to your next level of success!

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Meet Dr. Rhonda Farrell, Your Innovation Adventure Sherpa

Dr. Rhonda Farrell, CMQ/OE, CCMP, Certified High Performance Coach, is a transformation strategy, innovation, and high-performance consultant, coach, and leader with broad experience ranging from senior level whole of enterprise initiatives to entrepreneur and start-up kickstart programs. She uses an organic and collaborative approach to consistently identify strategic gaps, align more strongly to mission, and re-engineer organizations, communications, processes, and technological infrastructures to maximize capabilities and drive value. She is the CEO of Global Innovation Strategies (GIS), a transformation-oriented consulting firm, the Founder of High Performance Transformation, a coaching services arm of GIS, and the Founder of Cyber & Steam Global Innovation Alliance (CSTGIA), a partnership of 50+ organizations providing cybersecurity awareness, education, apprenticeships, and elevation opportunities for girls, youth, women, and veterans. She harnesses digital infrastructures, strategic communications, and innovation methodologies and tools to drive awareness, collaboration, engagement, and education across organizational units, stakeholders, and community members. Her career has spanned 30+ years, serving USMC to Fortune 500, state, civil, and Federal government agencies, as well as entrepreneur, start-up, economic development, and non-profit communities. Connect with her at https://www.linkedin.com/in/rhondafarrell/.

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"It is not an overstatement to say that the time spent with Rhonda changed my life. She introduced many frameworks to me, helped me think through important questions in life, and was extremely warm and compassionate in every interaction I had with her. The 6 months I spent with her acted as a catalyst for many things that happened in my life, including setting up a new planning system and approaching my life from a more holistic standpoint. Forever grateful to Rhonda!"

_ Soundarya Balasubramani _ 


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