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Growing a business is not easy, but it's worth it... if you strike the balance of business and personal success. That's the trick. Your business will require everything you've got. And it will take it if you let it.


After 20 years of practicing entrepreneurship and empowering entrepreneurs around the globe, I'm excited to share The 6 Keys to Success. This weekly series will help you achieve the business results you want without sacrificing what matters most - health, loved ones, and other important life goals.


You don't have to do entrepreneurship alone.

Whether you're a solopreneur or the leader of a 100-person company, entrepreneurship is lonely. It often feels like nobody can relate.  But the truth is, there are proven methods, strategies and tactics to help you through each challenge you face.


Let me be your guide.  I've worked with hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs.  For more than 20 years, I've been fortunate to see it all - the good, the bad and the ugly.  And I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow so they can achieve their business and life goals.


Avoid the common pitfalls.  Keep growing your business.  And don't get so focused on the business that you mess up other parts of your life.  Sign up for my free Weekly Series today and I'll guide you on your amazing journey as an entrepreneur.

The 6 Keys to Success for Entrepreneurs

I've organized the content into six key areas to help you achieve business and personal success.  The first 3 Keys are for Personal Success as an entrepreneur: Mindset, Vision and Rhythm.  The next 3 Keys are for Business Success: Strategy, Automation and Leadership.  Each week, you'll learn more about:

1. Mindset

This is the mental stamina and emotional capital needed to rise above the chaos and discouragement that are part of life as an entrepreneur.


2. Vision

You might have a solid vision for your business.  But you also need a clear vision for your life to effectively navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.


3. Rhythm

Entrepreneurs are prone to fits and starts of energy, activity and output. That gets some results, but a rhythm of daily and weekly execution creates major success.


4. Strategy

Successful entrepreneurs have a proven method of doing the right things at the right time instead of constantly running their business in reactive mode. 


5. Automation

Automation is the great game-changer for small businesses. It gets you off the “trading hours for dollars” hamster wheel so you can build a profitable business.


6. Leadership

Leadership is the key to achieving your biggest goals and avoiding burnout. No need to be a “born leader.” With the right guidance, you can do this.


Clate Mask

Entrepreneur and CEO of Keap

About Me

I love entrepreneurs. I've served them for two decades, empowering over 100,000 entrepreneurs and building Keap to over $100m in annual sales. After 20 years of business and personal success, it's time to give back and guide entrepreneurs on their path to success.


I have been blessed with amazing experiences. I've made many mistakes. And I've enjoyed incredible success. I've also watched and learned from the customers we serve at Keap. From those experiences and observations, I have gained a deep understanding of the journey of an entrepreneur.

I want to give you "The Keys to Success," to help you avoid common pitfalls and achieve your business and personal goals. 

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