How to Train for Your First Multi-day Hiking Trip

                               I want to do a multi-day hike, but I’ve never done one before.
                                  Where should I start?

                                                                           I signed up for a multi-day hiking trip.
                                                                                What should I do to get ready for it?

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Whether you’re new to hiking or a “weekend warrior” day hiker, doing your first multi-day hiking trip can be a bit of a stretch. 


Getting up the next day (and the day after that) and using the same muscles requires additional stamina. You want to be able to enjoy EVERY day, not just the first one! 


During this webinar you'll learn:

  • the key elements of a training plan for a multi-day hiking trip
  • how to prepare for back-to-back days on varied terrain 
  • tips for minimizing your chances of soreness and injury

I'll also answer questions based on my experience with multi-day hiking trips and having trained others for then.


By the end, you'll know what to focus on as you prepare for your trip, whether you’re hiking in the Alps, the Irish countryside or Patagonia!


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