Top 5 Tips for Getting Fit to Hike the Inca Trail

I'm going to hike the Inca Trail this year!
What should I do between now and my trip?

                                           I really want to hike the Inca Trail,

but I haven't hiked for years. 
Is it possible to get in shape in time? 

                                          Am I too old to hike the Inca Trail?

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You'll learn:

  • the key elements of a training plan for this multi-day hike with lots of elevation change
  • how to prepare for high altitude (the high point of the Inca Trail is above 13,000 feet!)
  • gear and packing tips

I'll also answer questions based on my direct experience with the hike and having trained others to do it.


By the end, you'll know what to focus on as you prepare for this amazing experience!


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