6-Week Fitness and Nutrition Challenge at Body Force Fitness is the perfect way to reboot your fitness and nutrition!

Starts March 21st, 2022

Additional Start Dates:

April 4th, 2022

April 18th, 2022



- Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions 2x per week (total of 12) - a coach will guide your through each workout in group setting of no more than 4 clients to a coach and individualize every workout for your specific needs and goals.  

- Unlimited Team Training - you will have access to all our high-energy, fun, fat torching, group fitness (Industrial Strength and Afterburn) classes.

- A custom designed workout - you will receive one custom workout program designed just for you to help you meet your goals.

- Unlimited Access to the gym - 24/7 access to the facility to get in any extra work on your own that you may want to do.



- Nutritional Guidelines - Diets don't work and will never workout. You will learn simple, effective habits for long-lasting results. Your accountability coach will work with you each week and review your journal to make sure your nutrition is on track to get you the best results. 

- Weekly Nutrition Emails – Weekly coaching emails that provide new steps to changing the way you approach nutrition and helps build a healthy relationship with food.

- Weekly Nutrition Goals - Realistic, Common sense goals to help you adapt to more healthy ways of eating.

- Nutrition Tools and Resources – Infographics, Recommended Grocery List, Nutrition Calculator and more.



- Strategy Session - we will sit down with you and discuss your personal goals and assess your current fitness level to design a program for you.  

- Before and After InBody Scans – these comprehensive body composition scans give you detailed analysis of the progress you make over the 6-week challenge

- Weekly Nutrition Check-ins – Review your weekly nutrition journal with a coach to see your successes and where you might need help.

- Support from A Like-Minded Community - We speak beginner, and all our members were beginners at one time. The Body Force community is what sets us apart. Our members are encouraging and make the gym a fun and inviting, friendly place to improve your life!


- And... A Fun, supportive environment All For ONLY $399!

Optional Pricing Available

Training Only: $279

Nutrition Only: $179

Call for Details: 855-748-7246

Fitness + Nutrition + Accountability = SUCCESS!!

Have you have tried to lose weight, get in shape, and just regain your body confidence in the past?


If you’ve failed in the past, it’s not your fault.


There’s a lot of information out there and it can be confusing. Many times it’s this information overload that keeps you from success.


If you feel that you just can’t succeed with fitness and weight loss. We want to put those fears to rest. You can do this. You just need the right program and coach to show you how. 

Crash diets and Voodoo doctor’s want you to believe that you can just drink a magic concoction or only eat 500 calories a day.


But that’s not true.


If you have ever done one of the extreme programs you know how it works. You lose some weight and then once your stop the program you gain it all back and then some. In the end you didn’t solve the problem.


That is why we have put this program together. We know you want to look and feel your best. But, we also know that you want to make changes that are life long and break the cycle of crash dieting and get off the weight loss, weight gain roller coaster. 


Our goal is to help you do that.


The only way for you to get the results you are looking for and maintaining them is through proper nutrition and the right fitness program.


The Fitness Reboot 6-Week Challenge is the only program that offers both.


This is what we do every day here at Body Force and this is the same system we have used with every one of our clients over to help them change their bodies, get in shape and feel great!


We have helped so many people just like you, and over the 6-weeks we will guide you each step of the way and get you looking amazing, feeling confident and summer ready.


Does that sound good?


Does that sound like something you would love to do?


Over the 6-weeks we will teach how to exercise to burn fat, build muscle, and keep the weight off for good.


We will teach you how to eat without starving yourself or getting “hangry”.


We will teach you how to have fun exercising.


Do you think this would work for you?


Are you still interested? 


You’ve probably spent $1,000’s of dollars on fitness equipment you don’t use, diet pills and supplements that didn’t deliver results, and infomercial products all with little or no success.  


So, let me ask you a question. 


If you invested a fraction of that in to this program and got the results you've been looking for and struggling to achieve. Would it be worth it to you?


Here is what you get:  

 - 2 Semi-Private Training Sessions per Week - $385 Value
 - Unlimited Team Training Sessions for 6 weeks - $205 Value
 - A Custom Workout (to do on your own) - $89 
 - Before and After InBody Scans - $40 Value
 - Weekly Nutrition Coaching and Accountability Meetings - $120 Value 
 - Weekly Nutrition Coaching Emails - $100 Value
 - Nutrition Tools and Resources - $50 Value
 - Strategy Session - $75 Value
 - Functional Movement Screening - $75 Value 
Total Package Value = $959.00  


Now obviously, we’re not going to charge you $959 for this program.


But if we did charge you $959 and all it did was helped you lose the weight you’ve been struggling with and get the results you've been trying so hard to achieve, would it be worth it to you?


If all this program did was got you feeling confident and sexy in a swimsuit, would it be worth $959?


What about if all it did was taught you how to eat without starving yourself and still lose weight, would it be worth the $959?


Or, if all this did was got you into the best shape of your life and got you feeling great about yourself again, would it be worth $959?


But, here’s the good news. Even though this program is worth the investment of $959. We aren’t going to charge you that.


For a special limited time, you can receive this program for only $399!! 

But we only have 6 spots available, and they will sell out fast, s, take advantage of the special offer now by signed up at the link below! 

Optional Pricing Available

Training Only: $279

Nutrition Only: $179

Call for Details: 855-748-7246

What Our Members have to say:

Body Force Training Facility is a welcoming environment for all skill levels with attentive, enthusiastic trainers providing challenging workouts - I attend the team training sessions and enjoy the friendly atmosphere and I always leave feeling rewarded after accomplishing the workout!  -Jess Lockard


Friendly, attentive, and well-trained training staff. Well designed training sessions which vary through the week and change weekly. Super committed to keeping the facility clean and virus-free. Working out there regularly over the past year is one of the reasons I set personal records in the half marathon and 5K this year! Absolutely love Body Force!!! - Richard Bates


Great staff and the trainers are fun, it's just cozy. I joined and love the classes. With my schedule it's easy to fit time in for some much needed training. - Anjie Wolcheski


Why Wait?


Our total-body functional workouts are fun, fast and are designed to trim down fat in the most effective way possible.


There are NO GIMMICKS and this is NOT A DIET. The Body Force coaches are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. We provide a fun, supportive community with expert training.


Body Force Fitness is a special place where everyone is supportive of each other’s goals and truly is judgement-free.


In addition to that, our expert coaches guide our members each step of the way keeping them safe and challenging them as they progress. It's like no other gym in the North East, Elkton, Perryville, Rising Sun area.


Don't miss out on this incredible offer, by claiming one of the 6 spots we have available.

Starts: Monday, March 21st, 2022
Just $399

Additional Start Dates:

April 4th, 2022

April 18th, 2022

Optional Pricing Available

Training Only: $279

Nutrition Only: $179

Call for Details: 855-748-7246

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