Your Best Year Yet!
2-Day Challenge

You are a successful, high performer who puts everybody first and you want more.  More knowledge of yourself. More Certainty.

More YOU

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Make 2023 Your Year of Intentional Impact


2022 may have been good to you , but you want more. You see the need to shake things up in your life… get back your mojo, and feel like you’re living YOUR life. You want to feel inspired, on a path with meaning and fulfillment.


 If you’re on the verge of burnout and often feel depleted, those are red flag warning signs. I’m not going to beat around the bush here. If you don’t do something that brings you in touch with what lights you up, you’re headed for a rude awakening, and it won’t be pretty.


 Let this be your wake-up call and a beacon of hope for bringing the spark back.


You're invited to create your best year yet

I challenge YOU!

Friday, December 2, 2022         
Noon - 2pm est

Saturday, December 3, 2022   
10am - 2pm est

Meet Your Certified Transformational Coaches

Dr. Francine Riley PhD

Life Coach

Alicia Partee M.A. LMFT

Business & Executive Coach

Erika Greenwood

Life Coach

Kevin Lee

Life Coach


"Sometimes I’ve been so busy taking care of others I forget to take care of myself. "

Does this sound familiar?

Have you ever gone to bed at the end of the night exhausted, only to realize there is nothing that you checked off your to do list for YOU? If this resonates with you, join me and others with a similar experience for “Your Best Year Yet 2-Day Challenge.”


In the 2-Day Challenge you will…

  • Identify limiting beliefs and develop strategies to remove the obstacles they create.
  • Develop specific, actionable and measurable goals using the SMARTIE framework.
  • Prioritize short-term and long-term goals.
  • Design your vision and develop high-performance habits for sustainable growth.

What's included?


Unque Roadmap for 2023

Value $500


Course Workbook

Value $750


Exclusive Online Community

Value $250


LIVE Coaching

Value $1,500

Total Value $3,000

2-Day Challenge
Interactive via Zoom


Introductory Price  $197

2-Day Challenge
Facebook group (view only)


Introductory Price  $97

We are all Lisa Nichols Certified Transformation Trainers

(Less than 200 elite coaches prepared to serve you)


From Possibility to Profit!  From Dreaming to Doing!

While your life looks great from the outside, you feel unfulfilled. Something is missing. You know you’re not showing up, or playing to your full potential.


You’ve done professional development work, but personally you want more. You’ve seen how powerfully you can shift with help behind you, and you’re ready for more… but you’re not sure what that is yet.


Your negative self talk can get the best of you, and sometimes you wonder if your imposter syndrome kinda has a point.


Discover the keys to:


  • Regain and focus on YOUR Certainty
  • Live in 2023 with purpose, heart, and power
  • How to leverage YOUR strengths
  • Live in harmony with YOUR dreams, vision, and decisions.
  • Develop high-performance habits for sustainable growth
  • Intentionally navigate change and transition
  • Co-create success in an international community
  • Identify and Ignite your superpower
  • Bust through road blocks that have held you back
  • Bring forth a renewed enthusiasm for your future
  • Overcome reasons and develop the mindset that will help you transform
  • Set yourself up to have your most productive, inspired and unrecognizable 2023


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