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Supercharge Your Business Growth with our 30 Day CMO Program from Bran Marketing.

Fractional CMO Solutions for YOUR Business


Are you struggling to achieve your business's full potential? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by marketing strategies, customer acquisition, and brand development? At Bran Marketing, we understand that every business needs a comprehensive marketing strategy to thrive in today's competitive landscape. We also understand the needs and concerns of the industries you serve.  


That’s why we developed our 30 Day CMO program … we possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in your industry that will help revolutionize your marketing efforts. Let us show you what our 30 Day CMO program can do for your business in just one month.

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Turbocharge your Marketing

Our 30 Day CMO program will allow our team to analyze your current marketing initiatives and identifying areas of improvement. We will work closely with your team to create and implement a results-driven marketing plan that aligns perfectly with your business goals. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a powerful marketing strategy that generates leads, increases brand awareness, and drives revenue.

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Strategic Vision

Our 30 Day CMO program brings a fresh perspective to your business. With our deep understanding of market trends and consumer behavior, we will help you craft a strategic vision that sets your business apart from the competition. By leveraging our industry expertise, we will guide you in making informed decisions, and position your brand as a leader in your industry.

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Seamless Integration

We understand that integrating an external resource into your business may seem daunting. However, our team will seamlessly blend with your team, working as an extension of your organization. We collaborate closely with your existing marketing team, fostering a collaborative environment and knowledge exchange that empowers your entire workforce.

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Here are some of the benefits you'll get from our 30 Day CMO program

When you win, we all win - and that's what it's all about.

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Branding & Defining Message

We help you to define or re-define your business's identity, including who you are, what you do, and the value you bring to your clients and end users. We also will identify the unique skills and strengths of your team, and explore how they align with your ideal client's needs.

Marketing & Social Selling

We will teach you how to represent your business effectively in the markets you serve by utilizing Social Selling as a strategy for growth, as well as understanding the importance of consistent branding and messaging across different marketing channels.

Creative & Content Strategy

We will analyze your current brand look and create new one that gets you noticed.  AND we will help you to develop a 12 month SME program tailored to your businesses needs so you are ready to WIN and show off your hard work.

What to expect in 30 days from Bran

30 Day CMO Program Schedule

  • (1) hour onboarding meeting:
    We conduct a thorough onboarding call with you and your team to understand your business objectives, target audience, and current marketing efforts.

  • (2) x 30-minute marketing and branding calls:
    Receive personalized guidance from our team on refining your brand message and marketing approach.

  • (2) x 30-minute group coaching calls:
    We train your team on the ins and outs of the importance of Social Selling and how to harness the power of LinkedIn to land big deals.
  • (2) hrs marketing strategy for your business:
    Our team will put together a new marketing strategy for your business based on our assessment and your goals.

  • (2) quarterly check ins on your progress:
    Our team will check in with you for 2 quarters to see how we can help and make adjustments.

  • (10) hours of creative design:
    Our team will provide creative support for any rebranding or design work needed to have your business looking its best so you and your team can go out and WIN big.

Program Benefits


Clarity in your brand message and how it resonates with your target audience.

Marketing Strategy

A well-defined 12-month content strategy to guide your marketing efforts.

Compelling Creatives

Compelling creatives and content that attract and engage your ideal clients.

Are you READY to create a thriving brand?



  • Overwhelmed with not knowing where to start
  • Annoyed wondering how others are blowing up and it never happens for you
  • Frustrated with all the work it takes but uncertain it will never amount to anything
  • Just tired of feeling stuck


  • Achieve a crystal clear process to follow
  • Predictably grow your audience
  • Consistently Increase sales
  • Get the step by step guidance you've been missing


Are You Ready To Build Your Brand & Business ?


Don't let your business stagnate while your competitors thrive. Take the leap and hire a Fractional CMO from Bran Marketing today. Witness the remarkable results we can achieve within a mere 30 days. Get ready to experience exponential growth, increased brand value, and a marketing strategy that surpasses all expectations.
Schedule a consultation with us now and discover how our Fractional CMOs can revolutionize your business in just 30 days.


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