Awaken Your Greatest You

In the healing natural beauty of Waitsfield, Vermont, you are invited to join us for a transformative experience over four nights and five days. It’s a one-of-a-kind tranquil experience, that takes place in part on a working organic vegetable and fruit farm, designed to awaken and elevate your physical, emotional and spiritual state of being. You will experience a newfound clarity, sense of well being, and a deeper connection with yourself and the natural world, like you've never experienced before.  Two skilled heart-centered personal growth and wellness practitioners will guide you through meaningful moments of transformation.  Enlightenment awaits. This intimate (limited to only 12 women) retreat immersed in nature, with quaintly luxurious B&B accommodations, healthy organic farm fresh meals, life coaching experiences with horses, sound healing, yoga, energy clearing, and more will allow you to heal, recharge, awaken and set intentions. Not only will you nourish your mind, body and soul, but you will be offered your own sacred retreat accommodation so you can rest peacefully away from chaos of life.

Video from the first retreat of only 6 Women!  Today, we are offering this for 12 Women With Your own Luxury Accommodation.

All-Inclusive Personal Growth,
Wellness & Healing Retreat
Limited to 12 Women
August 21 - August 25, 2022
5 days/4 nights

What can I expect to get from this retreat


  • Transformational Experiences that Bring Enlightenment
  • Refresh of Your Mind, Body and Soul
  • Advancement in Your Life
  • Personal One-on-One Coaching
  • Group, Community and Connection
  • New Perspective Framework and Actionable Plan for Your Life's Joy
  • Guided Meditations
  • Silent Practices that Bring Deepened Self-Awareness
  • Delicious, Healthy Meals Prepared by a Private Chef
  • Limited to only 12 heart-centered women. Take Advantage of Early Bird Special Pricing 2,697 before it goes up.!  
  • Ask us how you can get $200 off!


  • Surroundings that allow you to connect with yourself at a deeper level
  • Yoga Sessions to Balance Harmony Within
  • Horse Sessions for Emotional Healing and Energy Renewal
  • Healing Methods such as aromatherapy, limpia, and tinctures
  • Creative time to allow you to enjoy being in the flow
  • A chance to unwind in natural surroundings
  • Reconnecting with breath and moving forward in your life with skills that allow you to be happier
  • Luxurious accommodations in TripAdvisor's Number 1-Rated Vermont B&B on an exquisite property with beautiful surroundings to relax
  • Join us on Sunday, August 21 at 4 pm.  Dinner on us.  Our goodbyes will happen at 1 pm on Thursday, August 25 at 1 pm, but our community will be available to you for life.

Taking away a Shift of Perspective to Build Your Best Life

“I have been a therapist for 26 years, and this past summer I knew I needed to walk my talk!  It is the perfect retreat in so many ways. Starting with the setting of the beautiful mountains of VT, to the wonderful food, we spent time meditating, taking hikes, swimming in the river, doing yoga, focusing on learning more about myself ... I have to include the amazing Equine therapy program ... In two hours I walked away with what would take a year in therapy. It (the retreat) is truly a valuable experience I recommend to everyone!”   Andrea Chiappa

Amy Todisco's farm tours and the farm
have been featured on HGTV

Experience the Farm as Featured on HGTV
Watch this!


"Horse Sessions for Emotional Healing and Enhanced Self-Awareness"

A very special and unparalleled extraordinary private 1:1 and group awareness energy healing experiences with horses.

Horses are great teachers. Due to their innate nature of reading their environment by observing body language, moods, and blood pressure changes, they can reflect one’s true intentions. You cannot lie to a horse. They help humans learn a greater sense of emotional intelligence by reflecting back behaviors in us that we may be unaware of. A horse allows the energy that the human is offering to be present, and then gracefully enables that energy to flow once the human has reached a non-resistant state.

Exceptional Accommodations

All 12 Rooms are lovely - 3 Premium Rooms*

Your own private room      (*premium rooms add $250 for the week)
This beautiful Vermont Inn is rated #1 by Tripadvisor for Vermont B&B’s and will treat you to a delicious breakfast every morning. The innkeepers are delightful and welcoming.


Sound Healing Sessions

Discover your own immersive healing journey where you will connect with your inner wisdom when you hear the sounds of the singing bowls and experience the positive benefits of reducing stress and creating more harmony in your energy field, promoting physical, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being.

Your Heart-Centered Guides


Amy Todisco has been a Build Your Best Life Coach for over 14 years. She’s also a nationally recognized green living expert, an early pioneer in the green living movement who was recently featured on HGTV. She's the technical editor of the book, Green Living for Dummies, and co-author of the Amazon best seller, YOU Make a Difference.


In the summer season, she leads unique experiential food and farm tours on her organic farm in Vermont. Year round, she empowers, inspires and nurtures people, primarily women, in the next chapter of their lives to go from who they think they are to who they’re meant to be. She helps clients build their best life and make their big vision board goals come to life through virtual vision board experiences, her online group mentoring/coaching programs, and in person retreats on her organic farm. With over 35 years of personal & spiritual growth experience and research, and 30 years of green healthy living expertise, Amy has channeled her personal and professional learning to create a living change lab for personal transformation, both online and at her organic farm in Vermont.


A graduate of the Rockwood Leadership Training program in 2002, Amy has always been interested in leadership and has held many leadership positions herself. She was the Board Chair of her local Chamber of Commerce for two years, where she played an integral role in transforming the Chamber into a much needed direct marketing organization for the community. Amy also founded and co-founded several nonprofits, and was an Executive Director for four of them, including the Marblehead Cancer Prevention Project, the Mad River Valley Wellness Alliance, the Household Toxins Institute (started by the Seventh Generation Founder), and now the Vermont Farm Immersion Program.


Over the past 28 years, she's been a nationally recognized green living expert. She even got a call from one of Oprah's producers some years ago. Oprah was going to come to her home in Vermont for an interview but went with a nonprofit at the last minute sadly.


As a highly sought after Green Living & Wellness expert, she has frequently been interviewed and appeared in the media, including Hearst Argyle's Vermont WCAX News, Vermont Public Television (VPT), Rachel Ray Every Day Magazine, Seven Days (Vermont’s Independent Voice Newspaper), Christian Science Monitor, Vermont Life and Farm & Ranch Magazine, and on various podcasts.


She has a wonderful daughter, and lives with her partner, Dave, on their organic farm in Waitsfield, Vermont with two dogs. She loves to learn new things, challenge and grow--she even adopted a 4-month old horse 16 years ago, never having owned, much less trained a horse. That led to working with horses in leadership coaching sessions. An avid organic gardener, she loves to read, do arts & crafts, spend a lot of time in nature, cook and dance.



"I don’t want to be dramatic…but I’ll say the retreat was life changing.  Amy is inspiring!  She knows a lot about a lot.. She did a great job leading the program.”

                                          Rebecca B






Margie Dunki-Jacobs has spent over 40 years in the working world in full pursuit of the work/life balance that others say exist, only to have found it always just within arms' reach.  While grateful for every opportunity she's been given and the people she's met along the way, she always knew there was something more that she was supposed to be doing in this life, something she likes to call a "knowing."   She believes that "knowing" is in everyone and for those who take the time to really stop and listen for it, they are gifted a magical journey of joyful effort into the world of what's possible.  After finding a next level of inner peace, deeper calm and true joy in a transformational leadership training, she found what was missing in her life.  Harmony.  She believes when we focus on our internal harmony, everything else falls in place.  


She is now traveling as an inspirational speaker.  You may find her in New York City in July of this year speaking at the WYN Global Conference of the Ultimate Women's Expo or on podcasts, radio or tv shows or in a downtown Charlotte, North Carolina coffee shop where she's engaging with women from all walks of life who want to explore something that scares them and excites them at the same time.


She has written two books, 1st and 2nd Edition of Overly Satisfied Is Underachieved - How to stop settling for good enough and start getting what you really want and is a contributing author in Engaging Speakers - Voices of Truth, helping people take a stand and speak their truth.


Margie knows that she can't possibly share in the same emotional challenges you've had, but her heart is deeply empathetic to your journey and what it means to just be here at this moment, breathing and moving forward.  Just being here, dealing with all on your plate, and doing the best you can makes you incredibly resilient and extraordinary,  With that in mind, she founded "Breathing Forward, LLC," an empowerment company in 2017 to help women step through each day with joyful effort, with all that is on their shoulders and with all that breaks their hearts with sadness and fills their hearts with happiness.   


As a Confidence Breakthrough Coach and a Leading Voice in "If I Just Had a Plan," Margie specializes in helping women break through the limiting beliefs that hold them back so that they can create the life they want to wake up to, by doing the work they love and making a beautiful living at it.  


Having run retreats in Vermont and the Carolinas, she dearly loves witnessing transformational growth and pure joy in others. When she's not running retreats or launching workshops and online courses, you may find her helping small business owners secure the working capital they need with trusted 0% financing options.  


On a personal note, Sundays are set aside for nature walks with her two dogs and her partner of 39 years, phone conversations with her little sister, her daughters or her friends, outdoor activities and meditation practices in the sunny Carolinas.


"I came to Margie uncertain in the direction I was taking.  She was able to see past my frustrations and barriers and implement a plan to help me understand a course of action to drive my life forward."

                               Dina Giugliano, LMT





Healthy Meal Options


Organic and Farm Fresh


Allergies Accommodated


Outdoor Pizza Oven


Gluten-Free Options








Silent Practice




Journal Healing

Beautiful journals and pens gifted upon arrival







Hiking and Swimming


Energy Clearing






Guided Transformational Healing


Gardening, Green Living and

Hydroponic Learning



Medicinal herbs, aromatherapy and tinctures - make your own



Community and Connection

Private FB Group for Life




Vision Boards, Painting

and Meaningful Crafts

                                                          Gratitude Bonfire
                                                        The foundation to leading a
                                                      Life of Love, Joy , Peace, Confidence and Abundance

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No refunds

100% Transferrable*

*Within 72 hours - Application Approved

Covid Guidelines - The retreat is designed to be mostly out in the fresh air.  Masks and vaccinations optional but are not required to attend.  We would ask that if you are having symptoms prior to traveling that you be tested for Covid and if you test positive, that you not travel.  We strongly suggest getting travel insurance for full coverage.  Stay safe!  Stay healthy.