This page is a central place in which you can find answers to the most common questions that

you and your clients will have as you get started with Donor Advised Funds at iGiftFund.

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What is a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) and how does it benefit my client?

A DAF is a charitable giving vehicle sponsored by a public charity (in this case, iGiftFund).  When your clients make a contribution to the DAF, they receive immediate and maximum tax benefits.   Receiving the tax benefit up-front allows them to recommend grants to their favorite charities over time, on their own schedule.  They also recommend who will succeed them as fund advisors over successive generations.


At iGiftFund, we partner with you to make sure your clients have an exceptional experience as they focus on their philanthropic vision, grant making and succession.

How does a DAF work at iGiftFund?

DAF’s at iGiftFund have 2 components:

  • Investment account at your preferred custodian that you will manage (approx. 98%)
  • Liquidity account at iGiftFund (approx. 2%)

The purpose of the liquidity account is to cover small grants and our quarterly administrative fees.  The liquidity account is rebalanced as needed.


Once the DAF is set up and funded, your clients (and you, if given the ability to do this), can recommend grants and grantees in DonorView, our online portal.  In the portal, grants can be set up as a one-time or recurring, with full, partial or anonymous recognition.


Once submitted through the portal, grants are issued in the form of a check within 5 to 7 business days (many times much sooner, if the liquidity is available and the grantee is vetted).


iGiftFund issues quarterly statements.  We can set up duplicate statements or third-party view-only access for your clients as well.

What is the minimum initial contribution to establish a DAF?

The minimum initial contribution is $25,000

Additional contribution minimum is $1,000

What are your fees?

Our fees are tiered, starting at 45 basis points (bps) for the first $500K (Min $600/yr). These tiers go down the larger the fund is. 


Click here for the complete tiered scale:  Fees and Minimums

Do you have any guidelines regarding the investment?

Click here for our Investment Guidelines

Do you have a handout I can share with my client?

Click here to download a PDF of the DAF handout for Donors

Can you do a demo of DonorView for my clients?

Please visit our Donor Hub page and share it with your clients.  This page has the demo of the portal and it's tailored to the donor.  Stay tuned for specific How To demos, which will be available mid January 2024.

I would like to speak to someone

Call us at 330.400.2768 or 800.810.0366 or email our Donor Support Team directly at



I'm ready to open a DAF with iGiftFund, what is the process?

The process is simple.

1.  Complete the DAF application by clicking the button below.  This is ONLY for new financial advisors; existing FAs should use the link available to them in the portal.


The Primary and Joint Advisor in the DAF application are your clients.  Please don't add the Financial Advisor info on these fields. 


Make sure you have your client's email address and telephone numbers before starting the process.  The telephone numbers will be used for Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) into the portal to sign the DAF application, so even though you can list a landline to receive a code, a cell phone number is ideal.  An email will be sent directly to the email address you list in the application for your clients to finish the account opening process.


Please do not use ALL CAPS as this will carry over to Grant Letters and other correspondence.


Once you complete the electronic application, your clients will receive an email to sign it electronically.  Keep in mind that the application process is not complete until your client(s) sign the application.


Click here to read our Program Description and Guidelines.  Your client(s) will have access to this document when signing the application.

2.   Please send us the new account paperwork required to open an investment account for a non-profit corporation at your preferred custodian, including your investment advisory agreement.  iGiftFund is a 501(c)(3).  


Even though your clients are the DAF fund advisors, once the assets are contributed, iGiftFund becomes your client.


All of our investment accounts need to have 2 officers listed as authorized signers.  Please email Donor Support and request our Corporate Documents Packet.  This packet has the information you need to complete the documents for electronic signature.  

3.  Let us know once the account is set up and funded by sending an email including the contribution date and amount to Donor Support.  This is the same process for subsequent contributions.


Once the contribution is posted, a gift acceptance letter will become available in the portal.

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