Local Legends Don't Sacrifice their Business to Brand Anonymity or Pay High Ticket Agency Rates...

...they hire local Marketing Experts to keep them Top of Mind and Tip of Tongue with the most qualified buyers in the communities they serve.


We keep it simple. 


We provide a Done-For-You approach to Meaningful Marketing that empowers local business owners to effortlessly:


Be the go-to resource in their field.
Be Top of Mind & Tip of Tongue.
Generate word of mouth referrals.
Be their own catalyst for growth. 

ALL while FEELING good and providing VALUE to the communities they serve.

And you know what? Profitable growth through authentic alignment DOES feel good. No selling out required, and not a big corporate competitor in sight.

We currently manage $5M in marketing funds for 500+  locally businesses across many industries in the Greater Denver area.

Hi, I'm Meg Smit

Together with my team, I empower and enable locally owned and operated businesses to effortlessly:


  • Be a #LocalLegend in their space.
  • Generate impact in the communities they serve.
  • Feel good about their Marketing.


Your amazing business combined with our simplistic approach….that’s what we call a recipe for success.

We have your back when it comes to creating gorgeous layouts to tell your authentic story in private magazines for your favorite high value neighborhoods.  We amplify your message with geotargeted Facebook / Instagram and Google Display ads and local sports sponsorships that target the same qualified buyers.  We easily build on what serves you: your business profits, your impact on the communities you serve, your biggest goals.

Your amazing business combined with our simplistic approach to optimizing branding and keeping you Top of Mind and Tip of Tongue with the micro-influencers who live in the communities we serve….that’s what we call a recipe for success.

We do the branding thing, so you can do your thing.

Our Not-So-Secret Sauce

Word of mouth referral generation can be simple. In fact, it IS simple.

We don’t believe in overcomplicated, complex marketing with bend-over-backwards strategies.

(Who’s actually got time for that?)

Our secret is no secret. We take the same sponsorship branding approach big brands use to stay top of mind, tip of tongue and build that warm and fuzzy feeling about their brand and provide it to the local business owners who are the backbone of our communities.  And we do it really well.  

But seriously:

Say goodbye to your 75 outreach channels.  

Stay on the coffee table and out of the recycle bin.
Say hello to being a #LocalLegend in high value communities important to your business growth plan.


Jennifer Thoemke | Owner, Connects Workspace and Cafe 13
"As a local business owner I have seen a good return on my advertising dollars with Golden Living. This publication speaks to my audience about things that are relevant to our community. Meg Smit has been wonderful to work with."

Colleen Oakes | Owner, Forestry Treecare

"We have worked with Meg and the team at Abundant Business Connections through the Applewood and Golden Living publications to advertise our small tree care company. We felt supported through the whole process when we came on board and have gained such valuable clients in our own neighborhood. We can feel good as an Expert Contributor that we're not just advertising but educating our own community we know and love."

John Gies | Owner, RAS Squared

 "If you are a business owner wanting to connect with high value home owners, you want to talk with Meg.


1) she is high energy and focused on helping the business community. 


2) her magazine offers sponsors the opportunity to have a voice in the home of their targeted customers every month through to spotlight section." 


Peter DeWolf | Owner, Red Rocks Toffee
  "It's all about community, Meg and her team understand that, deeply. Always so easy and fun to work with them."

Georgina Miller | Owner, Crabapple Communications

 "Meg offers a valuable product to businesses looking to promote themselves among local residents. She knows the demographics of her readership well and makes insightful recommendations around where companies would see the biggest benefit in working with her."

Nola Krajewski | President, Golden Chamber of Commerce

  "Meg has a passion for building connections and helping others succeed. She really cares about her community and supports local businesses through her magazines as well as her involvement in a variety of associations and business networking groups."  

We're not a high ticket marketing agency.

We're Your Strategic Partners in Meaningful Marketing.


We’re successfully managing over $5M marketing $s for 500+ local businesses. 

Sure, we’re not the only people who do microtargeted marketing, but we are the only people who make it meaningful.

Three Reasons to Work With Us

We don’t keep secrets, and there’s no bait-and-switch or “magic behind the curtain.” All we know how to do is tailor your marketing channels to make them meaningful for your target audiences and for your bottom line.  

Integrity is at our core. If we don’t think we’re a fit for you, we’ll tell you BEFORE the process begins… and we’re honest as they come, always. 

We actually like you. We want to learn your name, share your authentic story and grow your business. Being IN PARTNERSHIP with you is one of the coolest things we get to do. Period. 

Working with Us Includes:

Onboarding Call

Minimal small talk, maximum discovery. We’ll dive into your business goals, which communities are most important to your business growth plan, and how to customize a multichannel approach to your marketing to maximize brand awareness.

Sound exciting? Getting down to business FAST is our kind of fun.    


Beautiful ads are half the battle. And we do them too. We take your content and create aesthetically on-point ads custom to each placement – they not only target and attract your ideal client, they’re aligned with your growth strategy too.


Yep, this is the fun part!  

Geotargeted Digital

A little something called multimedia. We don’t stop at print, we make sure your brand is everywhere your qualified buyers are by amplifying your message across the screens in the communities that are part of your growth strategy.   

Reporting & Ongoing Support

We LOVE data. You’ll receive automated monthly reporting showing your monthly digital impressions. It’s our eagle eye over your reach - simple to understand and delivered right to your inbox.  

Let’s work together!

And what it all comes down to… simplicity. 

We don’t do HUSTLE or HIGH TICKET agency rates.  Taking care of your meaningful marketing, optimizing your reach and placing you in front of your ideal clients is as simple as giving you access to sponsor THEIR neighborhood magazine, digitally amplifying your brand to THEIR devices, and using positive PR to tell your authentic story.

Yeah, THAT simple. 

We do the #LocalLegend thing, so you can get back to the things you do BEST.

When your foundations are in place, combined with your entrepreneurial tenacity and our simplistic approach to optimizing your meaningful marketing…


That’s what you call a recipe for profitable #LocalLegend success.

#LocalLegend Status Is Waiting...