7 Spiritual Habits of Heroes of the Faith

Discover the habits that made their lives go from ordinary to extraordinary for God and will do the same for you!


What you'll Learn


Sometimes we’re unclear on what areas of our Spiritual life are important to develop and grow in.


Be introduced to the stories of ordinary Christ-followers whom God used in some extraordinary ways.


In order to develop and sustain any habit we have to know our why. Why is it important? Discover the why’s of each spiritual habit.

“I was so inspired and challenged.  I loved the way you told the stories of heroes of the faith and weaved in the spiritual habits and principles that defined their lives and impacted others!  I have always found that real people exercising real faith and facing real challenges inspires me to seek after the Lord and walk more closely to Him.  Thank you for your research and your excellent storytelling ability!”

-  Sue Smith, International Student Ministry Staff,           

Boston, Massachusetts  

"These habits, from a few of the heroes of the faith, are a timeless reminder to lean on the Lord and not your own strength. I was inspired by their fortitude, deep conviction, and surrendered lives."      

-  Luann  

"I loved it!  The stories are captivating and the points are well made."  

- Julie Kissick, Co-founder of Streets Alive Mission  

About Deanna

Deanna Storfie has been researching, writing and bringing to life the stories of heroes of the faith since 2003. With their stories she wants to inspire people to trust in the love and forgiveness of God. She also loves to help equip Christians to grow in their faith while pursuing their own God-given purpose, on purpose!

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