Reduce pain & Accelerate Healing
Help yourself & others
heal faster with

Quantum Touch

2 hour


energy healing


In the first hour

we LEARN these techniques. 


Then in the second hour we get to practice and EXPERIENCE the impact of these techniques!




This is the best way
to not only
get a glimpse
into how
simple & effective these techniques are,
but also
to experience energy healing!

“This helped me a lot;

transform pain into love & compassion.


Just what I’m needing to help work through some trauma healing.


I'm excited to add this to my existing work as well as helping friends & family.


Thank you!”

Janina Fisher, Ontario Canada

Some of the details

How to use Love as a Universal Healer

How to leavage love and create univeLove communicates to all species, functions on all levels and expresses our true nature.

It is the foundation of all healing and the core essence of life-force.

How to remember Love as our essential nature

Its is not something we need to practice, or work to achieve. It is simply who we are, when we are the most relaxed and natural. When we are the most present, when we are being in the present, in the now.  

Learn why Breathing is so Important!

Essential to Quantum Touch,  these breathing techniques not only amplify the Life Force Energy available, they also protect the practitioner from taking on lower vibrational energies. 

Understand how

Energy follows thoughts

We keep our attention and intention centered in specific ways to open us up to expanded energy flow and higher vibrational fields. Centered in love, for the greatest and highest good. 

How to "Send" Energy 

Energy is transferred between similarly tuned vibrations. They not only meet, but move towards a common vibration. As the practitioner, we raise our vibration for recipients to match!

This happens with human beings, animals, sound waves etc.

Explore how healing

works on all levels

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Healing may be experienced as momentary pain, emotional catharsis, crying, feeling relaxed or spiritual insight.   



" Love is a universal vibration; it communicates to all species, functions on all levels and expresses our true nature"

Richard Gordon