It's the perfect time for...

Dear Precious Being, 


Who is or has been the energy vampire in your life?  

Everyone has had or will have a toxic person in their life.

Being around them brings your energy down.

You may feel triggered by them, meaning, you want to lash out, hide or shut down. 

I have found that once we address our own inner turmoil we don't attract that in other people.

We aren't as triggered by toxic people.

They can't get into your energy field.  And they move on to someone else. 

We'll use Emotional Freedom Technique, tapping, to bring calm, peace, and detachment, to leave the past in the past. 
It's easy, it's fun, it's effective, and it's easy. Oh yeah, did I say it's easy?

Just follow along and you'll do great!  



Dr. Tanya English

Soul Chiropractor

      30 Years in Practice

When: Wednesday Oct. 25 @ 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern, 6pm Mountain, 5 pm Pacific, UTC +6


Where: Zoom and the private facebook group Healingwiththeblues.


What you need:

  • A Notebook
  • Water to drink
  • Comfortable seating
  • Be Open to Healing