One of the most wonderful talents we possess is intuition.

The first five of our seven senses, together with intuition and psychic aptitude, are crucial.

These spiritual gifts are significant.

It can be tremendously upsetting emotionally and intellectually, and it can even result in illness, if we are taught that our spiritual gifts are unimportant, unreal, or even bad.

You see, if you don't focus on a skill, it won't advance.
What you focus on expands!


Signs Your Intuition Is On Point:


You’re Somehow Almost Always Right / In The Right Place At The Right Time

You Have Vivid Dreams / People Tell You Things Without Any Prompting

Someone Keeps Coming to Mind

You Find The Good In People / Pick Up On Everyone’s Energy

You’re In Tune With Your Body

You Seem To Know Things Before They Happen


Intuition is often described as a gut feeling — when you feel like you just know something — which can seem a bit nebulous. So if you want a better way to understand it, start by considering it as a culmination of all the experiences, relationships, and interactions you’ve had thus far in life.


I lived for years and years receiving information from Source, not knowing what I could do with it.

From the time I was 12, I was receiving messages from Source and no one talked to me about it, mentioned it or even acknowledged it. So when I learned that I did have a spiritual gift I was amazed at how easily I could put it to good use for myself, my loved ones, patients and clients.


Maybe your path is to use these abilities for yourself, and loved ones or maybe it's for your business

but there are so many ways to apply these gifts, you'll find your personal path. 


Through this program, people have found healing and learned that they truly possess the skills necessary to develop into the Intuitive they have always known. 



This 4 hour master class  includes:


Instruction on how to use and also create a safe environment

Sharing with fellow classmates our intuitive experiences

Introducing the chakra system to scan our classmates in a safe space


Join us on March 11th, Saturday at 10 AM CST


This is a hybrid event!

We will be on ZOOM and In Person in Coralville!

Please let us know how you would like to join us.

(details will be sent to you upon registration) 





Here is what others have said:




"I am mainly challenged, though, with emotional and psychological issues and she has helped me with those more than any other physician I've ever been to. She's able to identify it and quickly clear it. You have to know what's wrong before you can fix it. I highly recommend Dr. Tanya English."
–Lois B


"I've worked with Dr. Tanya on several occasions, including an energy scan, her 6-week Money Shadows class, a Claim Your Power mini-retreat, a Divine Purpose session and a Forgiveness session.  Working with Dr. Tanya allows you to dig deeper, acknowledge everything you are thinking and feeling and she uses techniques that help you work on these roadblocks. Each part of this journey is an amazing, transformational process and I'd highly recommend working with her!"
–Chondra R R



"I loved Healing with the Blues Claim Your Power 1 because the exercises we did in the class were profound and as a result, my bronchitis cough disappeared from day 1 and I continued to improve and grow my energy. I feel so much better than I did before I attended that workshop."
–Connie K

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About Dr. Tanya English

Dr. Tanya English has been working for more than 30 years in the healing field, first as a massage therapist, then as a chiropractor and energy healer.

She has been leading The Tanya English Band for over 10 years bringing women's empowerment blues to the people.

Dr. English has been inspired by the idea that we are born with the power to heal and we can be shown how to use this in real life.

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