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This Patient-Centered Book reveals everything you need to know about:

  • The Neuroscience of maintaining independence and increasing social engagement as you age.
  • The proven ways to reduce your risk of developing dementia.
  • The impact of untreated hearing loss on cognitive function.
  • The frequently asked questions about medical treatment of hearing loss.

In this NEW release you’ll learn the secrets to living your best life, which include:

  • Understand  the cause, management, and relief of tinnitus.
  • The connection between your ears and brain how tinnitus plays a role.
  • Research on tinnitus management.
  • Learn about the single most effective treatment to silence the ringing in your ears!

About The Authors

Eric Mounts, H.I.S.

Owner at Modern Hearing Solutions


Eric has been in the hearing health industry for 30 years and has devoted his career to helping solve the problems of daily life caused by hearing loss.


In his early years in the hearing industry he learned how variances in technology, testing, and fitting techniques impact success in hearing loss treatment and overall patient satisfaction. Because he was distressed by the level of patient care and attention available in our industry, he opened his first hearing center in 1994, for the sole purpose of focusing on patient’s needs first. He has been doing that ever since, and he lead his team of professionals with this objective each day.

Dr. Keith N. Darrow, PhD, CCC-A

Harvard Medical & M.I.T. Trained Neuroscientist
Certified Dementia Practitioner


Dr. Darrow holds a Ph.D. from a joint Harvard Medical and M.I.T. program focused on Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology. As a research associate at the Eaton Peabody Lab at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Dr. Darrow contributed to the development of next generation auditory prostheses. His most recent contribution to patient access and affordability was advocating nationwide for a low monthly subscription option for the medical treatment of hearing loss and Tinnitus.