Rising Tides Connection Conference, is a unique inspirational experience to connect, grow, and learn.

Bringing big thinkers and impactful achievers

together for a unique experience focused on 

connection, growth, and learning. 


To get where you are going, you need good connections...

people to cheer you on, collaborate with, share knowledge, and inspire!  Let's go!


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Who is Rising Tides for?

  • Movers n' shakers - to curate ideas and be inspired
  • Entrepreneurs - to feel rejuvenated and find connection and resources
  • Business Development Folks - to spread the word and connect
  • Organizations - to reward top talent by sending them to a refreshing day of connection and inspiration
  • Individuals (who are contemplating a job change or are feeling burnt out)– to spend time recharging, reflecting, and laughing with good souls

People walk away with…

  • Connections
  • Inspiration and energy from coffee shop networking, featured speakers, and think tank opportunities
  • A complimentary head shot photo
  • A heck of a lot of energy and inspiration

It's true what they say, Rising Tides Lift All Boats! Harnessing the power of connection and the collective! Spots are limited.

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Conference Details

Cost: $175

Date: 10/26/23

Location: Des Moines, IA

Willow on Grand
6011 Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50312

Who will be attending Rising Tides?

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