We are looking for someone with the potential and desire to grow within our company. As you can see from the diagram above, there is possibility for significant growth and advancement when working at Real Wealth Insurance! Each step will prepare you for the next as you grow within the company.

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Service Support


You might fit this role if: 

  • You have 0-2 years’ experience
  • You love data entry as you will be preparing quotes
  • Have a passion for client care and supporting agents
  • You can perform general office tasks

You'd be in charge of: 

  • Client experience and scheduling
  • Insurance quoting
  • Supporting the agents
  • Prospecting calls
  • Client contact - touch base calls
  • Office tasks, mailing letters, scanning, email

Skills you'd develop: 

  • Deeper understanding of how insurance and investments work together in an insurance plan
  • Appreciation for riders and product features that impact people's plans and lives
  • Understanding of industry rules and how to conduct business ethically and within compliance regulations
  • Time management and prioritization
  • Attention to detail - one checkbox can change a client's portfolio!

This position offers: 

  • Onsite and remote options
  • Some schedule flexibility

Service Agent

You might fit this role if:

  • You have 0 – 3 years’ experience 
  • You are insurance licensed or willing to obtain
  • You get fulfillment from being trusted by clients and your team
  • You are confident meeting with clients for their annual reviews to update their insurance plan to fit their current needs
  • You love to stay in tune with industry trends and changes and finding the opportunity in them that will help clients

You'd be in charge of: 

  • Client Meetings – annual reviews, offering insight and advice to clients
  • Plan execution – implementing client plans, following through on paperwork needed,
  • Plan maintenance - reviews to keep plan updated, accurate, and appropriate
  • Referrals and cross-selling – recognizing opportunities and following up 

Skills you'd develop: 

  • Relationship development - gaining and maintaining clients' trust
  • Sales - encouraging clients to take the next step
  • Recognizing opportunities to help clients and do more business
  • Asking for referrals

Lead Agent


You might fit this role if: 

  • You have 2 – 5 years’ experience
  • You have your insurance licenses
  • You love to help people solve problems
  • You love new challenges & meeting new people 

You'd be in charge of: 

  • Sales & new relationships
  • Plan creation – analyzing client needs and guiding them through the process of choosing an appropriate insurance plan 
  • Client Meetings – engaging and nurturing prospects, ,
  • Referrals and cross-selling – recognizing opportunities and following up 

Skills you'd develop: 

  • Gaining new leads and nurturing prospects into clients
  • Developing relationships with centers of influence
  • Plan implementation and prioritization
  • Leadership - mentoring and training other insurance agents and team members to be intuitive and effective to continue their growth

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