Currence is here to revolutionize the way you structure your
cash flow

Manage and direct spending, accumulate savings, and invest in the future—all from one platform.

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How it works:

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Make your money
work for you.

We as humans are wired for spending, but most of us don't know where our money is even going. The Currence app creates the necessary paradigm shift in your spending habits by rerouting how you spend and save to create a more connected—and efficient—cash flow system.

Why choose Currence?

Life gets busy, and there's always something to pay for now, putting off savings as something you will do in the future. That's where Currence comes into play. Currence helps structure your cash flow so that you can save money for things like buying a home, college tuition for children, your retirement, generational legacy, and so much more.

What can Currence do?

Piggy bank

A central destination for all your money

By centralizing cash flow through a single account, Currence supports increased visibility and seamless collaboration between Members and your financial professional.


Designed to make saving

more effortless

Making savings the default action with your income, and choosing your spending baseline, Currence helps you save more over time, and see more immediate results.

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A starting point for

exponential growth

Currence makes it easy to cultivate and integrate new income streams as savings increase, amplifying opportunities to invest in the future over time.

90 days Free

Currence is free for the first 90 days, and $40 every 90 days following (about a ~$160 yearly cost), but the deal gets sweeter. The Currence account is a FDIC insured interest-bearing account with unlimited transaction, that may help grow your savings. So while there's a fee, you're still making money! Additionally, Currence may help save you 600% more than the national average!*


10000+ users who have trusted Currence with their finances. 600% more savings than the national average. Interest bearing reservoir, FDIC insured up to $2500000
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*Calculated based on the national average savings interest rate in the US versus Currence's personal findings.

**Currence is not a bank. Banking services are provided by Thread Bank, Member FDIC.
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