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Structured Hiring is Inclusive Hiring: The Role of Research and Process in Recruiting


Webcast by TalVista on February 23, 2022.


Structure is crucial to minimizing bias at every touchpoint in the hiring process - not just during interviews. Processes cultivate consistency and reduce bias. All candidates are held to the same benchmark with standardized processes, ensuring a fair and equitable evaluation throughout.


Hear from two perspectives - the research and science behind inclusive hiring practices and the hands-on application of these practices. TalVista's Chief Science Advisor, Aaron Kay, Ph.D., and DE&I Consultant and Leadership Expert Melissa Majors share their thoughts on the role of structure, validated research, and their practical application in the hiring process.



  • Aaron Kay, Ph.D. | Chief Science Advisor at TalVista
  • Melissa Majors | Author, Speaker, Consultant, Coach at Melissa Majors Consulting
  • Scot Sessions | CEO at TalVista

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