NHSDA Point System

Breaking Ground Dance Center Chapter

Marissa Giacobbe, Chapter Advisor


Applications are due on December 1st.

Previous applicants still need to register.


Members must achieve 30 points for induction. Any combination of points can be used as long as the total is 30. Members are responsible for tracking their own points and will be expected to show proof of points achieved by May 1st.



Enrolled weekly in at least one day of dance for the season= 2 points

Each additional day of dance= 1 point

Participate in school dance team/program= 2 points

Participate in non-competitive dance performance= 2 points

Participate in dance competition= 2 points

Attend a live dance performance= 2 points

Participate in a summer dance convention = 2 points

Participate in a summer program (non-competition/convention)= 3 points



Participate in Teacher Training Program= 3 points

Volunteer at BGDC (or home studio) event= 5 points

Volunteer at a non-BGDC or home studio community service event= 2 points

Advocate for dance in the community= 2 points

Organize and produce community service event= 5 points



Receive artwork award at your school= 2 points

Receive academic award at your school= 2 points

Achieve honor roll/dean’s list at your school= 2 points

Maintain a GPA higher than 3.5= 2 points

Write historical paper on a dance related topic= 4 points

(Min 300 words, three references)


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