The FREE + CLEAR Masterclass

So much focus on goal-setting is aimed outwardly. Tomorrow. The future. Gotta get there. And of
course, a forward perspective is essential for reality-making. But the map that’ll help you get what you 
want the most is in your cells. It’s not a motivational formula. It’s not something you can get “wrong”. 
It’s in your pleasure and your dissatisfaction—where the messy human stuff collides with your big 

Our desires are a manifestation code. And our here ‘n’ now struggles, the micro and mega, have to 
be held up to the light so we can get… free & clear.

FREE & CLEAR is a prequel program to Danielle LaPorte’s highly praised and well-loved Desire 
Mapping process for soulful goal-setting. It is a beautiful year-in-review experience. 


This is a guided introspection to look at where you’re at in 
your life, what’s in your heart of hearts, what’s rubbing your spirit the wrong way, and how you define 
“free”—before you create your great plans. With that kind of clarity, manifestation becomes a super-charged process. And you can really put your Soul into your goals.  


  • FREE + Clear Workbook (spiral bound printed version for the first 6 to enroll)
  • Invitation to Alchemy of Business Circle
  • Video Modules + Email Support
  • LIVE (virtual) 3.5 hour Circle on December 27, 2021 
  • Rituals to Help You Reset
  • Pre-Launch Copy of 2022 Planner/Journal PDF 
  • 45-minute 2022 Intention Setting Call with Kat 


"Planners are my weakness. You name it, I’ve bought it. No matter how much better I believe EACH planner is going to be, they all suffer the same fate: one week of perfect documentation with careful color coding and savvy sticker selection, followed by ... nothing. BLANK. All 51 other weeks. One might think something tragic happened to me if examining my planner alone. I eventually attributed this repetitive habit of planner abandonment to perfectionism; unable (or unwilling) to invest the time needed to make the pages pretty and perfect week in and week out, I just stop completely. But what else could be true here? What if it’s hard for me to look ahead and plan because I haven’t taken the time to pause and reflect on the past?


Thank God for Kat and her invitation to spend the final two mornings of 2020 pausing and reviewing via the FREE + CLEAR retreat. We walked through my highlights, lowlights, and goals from the past year. Then, we examined the feelings and intentions behind them. The result? Breakthrough. I don’t have a crystal ball. I have no idea what this year will throw at us. But one thing is abundantly clear - the areas of my life that bring me the most joy, and thus, how and where I want to intentionally spend more time. And suddenly, working in my planner doesn’t seem so daunting a task." - Emily L., Sales Leader

Your Masterclass Host

Kat Sanford is a Heart-Centered Facilitator and Soulful Business Strategist.  She works with women entrepreneurs in the coaching and creative services industries who want to define success on their own terms.   Kat believes when it's more about the heart than the hustle then you will attract your ideal clients and be 100% in LOVE with your business because you will be serving from a place of ABUNDANCE + JOY with EASE + MOMENTUM.