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We provide training, consulting, and laboratory services as the full-service food safety solution.

About Us

When it comes to creating safe food, integrity matters. It's important to ask yourself: Would you eat the food you produce? Would you feed it to your family? With Safe Food Alliance, you get a lab that stands by you. It’s not our job to convince you to do testing you don’t need. It’s our job to provide you with results that stand up in court.

Laboratory Services

Our laboratory experts will help you develop and choose an effective program for testing and verifying food quality and safety based on your company needs.

Training & Consulting

At Safe Food Alliance, our training and consulting team works to create resources that make navigating food safety as easy and accessible as possible.

Safe Food Certifications

At Safe Food Certifications, we can help by providing third-party certification audits with knowledgeable California-based auditors.

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