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Fully-scripted, non-lectionary

Ordinary Time worship series

One thing I ask of you, [Divine Goodness],
one thing I seek:
that I may dwell in your house all the days of my life,
to gaze on your beauty
and to meditate in your Temple.
— Psalm 27:4 (Inclusive Bible)


An early 6th century theologian described God as “beguiled by beauty.” The Creator was lured by a longing for beauty and so set in motion a world of immense diversity and goodness. We were made for this Divine Goodness. We were made inherently worthy, not by our “doing,” but by our simply being. All things are beautiful–not by a standard of “pretty” as seen by our eyes, but by an essence of sacred worth that is sensed by the spirit. This is the root and heart of compassion and justice. Practices of contemplation help us train our gaze to these deeper truths. In this worship series we will dwell with the God of Divine Goodness who is deeply in love with us. We will practice ways to return that love as we fall more deeply in love with creation and with one another.

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Full Scripts

This series comes with full scripts for six weeks worth of worship (that's liturgy, prayers, plug-and-play videos, and music suggestions in one complete package). All fully-adaptable to your unique context.

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Rich Resources

Visual and media arts ideas, scripts for children's time, small group suggestions, a reflection journal, sermon fodder, daily social media content, and more.

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WDS Community

You are not alone and you never have to start from scratch. Connect to other pastors and teams in the WDS community who are using these materials and sharing ideas and adaptations.


Watch the series trailer

This clip is included in the downloads for you to share on your church website, on social media, and e-newsletters.


Ready-made resources to simplify your planning

This fully-scripted series includes:

  • Six full worship scripts adaptable for your context that include all liturgy and leader parts, scripture readings, and a communion liturgy
  • Video packages including a weekly threshold moment, scripture readings, visio divina (visual meditation), and benediction
  • Music suggestions for each week including hymns for traditional/"classic" settings, choral anthem, contemporary band suggestions, and more, including an original song written for the series
  • Visual and media arts ideas, including sanctuary visual ideas, a series trailer, and daily social media posts

  • Children's time scripts for engaging children in worship and resources for children and youth

  • Small group materials for individual or group study, PLUS a guided devotional journal
  • Sermon fodder to inspire your preaching

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Watch the Get-Ready Webinar!

See an overview of everything that's included in the materials in this deep dive introduction to the series.


Here's what other pastors and worship leaders have said about WDS series:

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Money well-spent

"I truly appreciate all the resources that WDS provides. It is well worth the price many times over.”

— C.B., Port Orchard, WA

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Help for busy pastors

"I use these 'pre-packaged' worship series when my butt has been kicked, and I need some time to relax. I look forward to using these in worship throughout the year."

— K.I., Laramie, WY

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People love them!

"Thank you for sharing your gift of creativity with us! We have so much fun using your series and our people have really been enjoying them as well."

— H.B., Honolulu, HI

When you purchase the series, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with links to get to the materials immediately. If you do not see an e-mail, please check your junk or spam folders. If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at marcia@marciamcfee.com. At checkout, you will be given the chance to purchase a year-long subscription at our biggest discount which gives you access to ALL our series for every liturgical season.


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