P E R S I S T biochar


The foundation for healthy plants and soil ...

... with the power to help reverse climate change.

Explore the Benefits

Ultra-porous Persist™ biochar from VGrid acts as a carbon sponge helping soil to hold water up to 6x longer. The microscopic pores also provide a home for an abundance of beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Best of all, Persist is a highly stable form of captured carbon produced from agricultural waste, which would otherwise decompose and release its carbon back into the atmosphere.

Farming & Horticulture

We call it "The Coral Reef of the Soil." (tm) VGrid's Persist™ biochar is a stable and ultra-porous form of sequestered carbon. Just as the “nooks and crannies” of a coral reef harbor a huge variety of sea life, the microscopic pores of biochar provide a home for an abundance of microorganisms, which are critical for long-term soil and plant health.

Golf Courses

Strong, vibrant turf with less watering.  With its superior water-holding and nutrient-binding ability, Persist™ is significantly improving divot repair, topdressing and overall soil health at leading courses, while also improving their environmental record by sequestering carbon, reducing water, and limiting chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


Grow better in biochar, while also helping to cool the planet.  Persist™ biochar holds more water and nutrients compared to other grow media, including rockwool, coco coir, and peat. And, all-natural Persist™ is sustainably produced from agricultural waste otherwise destined for landfills, sequestering its carbon for hundreds or thousands of years.

Composting Operations

Composting is a fantastic use for organic waste … Persist™ biochar + Persist™ PAF (wood vinegar) makes it better!

  • Accelerates the composting process
  • Increases aeration
  • Increases microbial action
  • Reduces leaching
  • Reduces odors
  • Reduced harmful gas emissions
  • Reduces Nitrogen (N) loss
  • Improves humic content
  • Reduces ‘clumping’ in compost pile
  • Enhances compost effectiveness and plant yields


The growing need for improved water management is one of the prime benefits seen in vineyards.  Most of the benefits of biochar are derived from its exceptional porosity and surface area, which include:

  • Increased water retention
  • Increased soil carbon
  • Nutrient release leveling
  • Soil structure management
  • Soil biota improvement
  • Soil contamination mitigation
  • Reduced soil compaction

The result is increased yields, with growers seeing payback in 2-3 harvests, with no negative impact on grape characteristics.

Biochar is helping to reverse climate change.

If we stop fossil fuel emissions tomorrow, global temperatures will still rise significantly. There's simply too much CO2 in atmosphere. Recent studies suggest up to 10 gigatons globally must be sequestered by 2050 to prevent catastrophic climate impact. Climate experts estimate that biochar alone could address as much as 40% of the needed carbon removal, while simultaneously mitigating other environmental issues.

Persist Biochar Benefit for Animals

Livestock Feed Supplement

Healthy animals – Healthy planet.  High-grade Persist™ biochar is produced from 100% California-grown pistachio shells. It is then further refined for use as an animal feed supplement, where it has been shown to increase animal growth and improve feed efficiency, while also helping to reduce and control GHG emissions from livestock animals.

Animal Bedding Deodorizer

Your animals deserve it, and so does the planet.  Naturally eliminate waste odors, control moisture, and extend bedding life. Persist™ biochar is used in horse stalls, chicken coups, swine stalls, and small animal bedding to filter odors, reduce moisture, and trap ammonia, helping to create a better environment for both animals and people.

Filtering runoff with captured carbon.  From filtering runoff and leachate to binding toxins, VGrid’s highly porous Persist biochar is more efficient at filtering contaminants than other options. When used in a bioswale, as landfill cover, or for site remediation, Persist™ will effectively bind and hold pollutants, while also sequestering atmospheric carbon in the soil.

Lower municipal costs while improving the environment.  Cities, towns, and municipalities of all sizes can demonstrate leadership in combating climate change, while also lowering watering expense, improving soil health, and reducing their community's green waste. Transportation authorities are even discovering advantages of including biochar within their road salt mix and aggregates.

Persist™ Biochar Advantages

  • Absorbs and holds water in soil 6x longer.
  • Produced from 100% California-grown pistachio shells -- a waste product otherwise destined for the landfill.
  • Carbon content greater than 90%, which is significantly higher than most other brands of biochar.
  • Higher porosity and surface area ratio compared to other biochar on the market.
  • Ultra low ash and VOC content.
  • Consistent particle size distribution.
  • VGrid can manufacture biochar with alternate feedstocks, finer particle sizes, and other custom requirements.
  • Persist is available in a 3 quart bag, 1.5 cubic foot bag, and 2.0 cubic yard super sack.

Get to know Persist™ PAF (wood vinegar)

Recharge plants, soil, and compost with a synergistic mix of beneficial organic compounds and natural acids.

  • Contains signaling compounds that kickstart germination.
  • Nurtures healthy microbes in soil and compost.
  • Boosts plants ability to uptake nutrients, particularly iron.
  • Improves ability of plants to absorb water.
  • Healthier leaves and especially fruit skins.
  • May reduce dependency on chemical fertilizers.
  • Lowers the alkalinity in soil.

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