P E R S I S T premium biochar


For a healthier golf course ─
For a healthier environment.

Absorbs and retains water 6x longer in soil. Promotes beneficial microbial growth.
Sequesters atmospheric CO2 to help reverse climate change.

Strong, vibrant turf with less watering.

With its superior water-holding and nutrient-binding ability, all-natural Persist™ biochar establishes long-term soil and plant health at golf courses, while also improving the environment by sequestering carbon, lowering water usage, and reducing chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Divot Repair

Biochar absorbs and retains significant amounts of water giving seeds a better chance to germinate. Unlike peat, biochar does not expand in size when wetted, so your mowing operations won't pull up repaired divots.


With its enhanced ability to bind nutrients, Persist™ biochar improves the effectiveness of topdressing activities. It promotes healthier turf while also helping to reduce overall watering and fertilization expense.

New Planting

Multiple studies have demonstrated biochar's ability to improve nutrient uptake, recharge degraded soils, and enhance overall plant growth. For general planting, a 10-20% biochar mix delivers superior results.

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Promote a positive impact on the environment.

Biochar helps to reverse climate change.  Persist™ biochar is produced from 100% California-grown pistachio shells – a waste product sent to the landfill – that would otherwise decompose and release CO2 back into the atmosphere. This CO2 is captured in the biochar in a stable form for generations.


Additionally, biochar helps reduce the impact of drought by retaining water in the soil, while also helping to control fertilizer run-off.  Be a part of the solution for a healthier planet ... include biochar in your regular maintenance activities!

Precise Particle Size Control

VGrid can match our biochar particle size to your sand specification for seamless mixing.

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How do I apply biochar? 

  1. Spread Persist™ over greens, fairways, and rough areas at 20% of your punch volume.
  2. Cover with a sufficient layer of sand to occupy the remaining 80% of punch volume.
  3. Punch as normal for treated grounds.
  4. Drag nets over the ground to brush the remaining sand and biochar into punch holes.
    (technique is the same for the solid tine aeration.)

What makes Persist™ so effective?

  • Porosity and surface area: Persist™ biochar's surface area (BET) is 200 m2/g, while other biochars on the market are much lower at only 11 m2/g BET.
  • Greater porosity and surface area means more water retention and better nutrient binding capabilities. 
  • Furthermore, VGrid's unique ability to precisely match the particle size of your sand specification means easier application and penetration into the soil root zone.

How do I order Persist™ biochar?

  • Persist™ is in stock and ready to ship.  Please contact our sales team to get started.
  • Persist™ biochar is offered in a 1.5 cubic foot bag and a 2.0 cubic yard super sack. Two super sacks can be stacked vertically on a single pallet to optimize shipping.
  • Click here to request a complimentary sample. 

Persist™ Biochar Advantages

  • Absorbs and holds water in soil 6x longer.
  • Produced from 100% California-grown pistachio shells -- a waste product otherwise destined for the landfill.
  • Carbon content greater than 90%, which is significantly higher than most other brands of biochar.
  • Higher porosity and surface area ratio compared to other biochar on the market.
  • Ultra low ash and VOC content.
  • Consistent particle size distribution.
  • VGrid can manufacture biochar with alternate feedstocks, finer particle sizes, and other custom requirements.

Save with full truckload orders -- Delivered to your course or your sand supplier.

Also get to know Persist™ PAF (wood vinegar)

Recharge your turf and plants with a synergistic mix of beneficial organic compounds and natural acids.

  • Acts as a natural plant biostimulant.
  • Nurtures healthy microbes in soil and compost.
  • Jump starts nutrient uptake in plants.
  • Improves ability of plants to absorb water.
  • Healthier leaves and especially fruit skins.
  • May reduce dependency on chemical fertilizers.
  • Lowers the alkalinity in soil.

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