Michele Forto Provides Personalized Puppy Training Online via Zoom

There are few greater joys than bringing home a new puppy. You’re adding a new family member to love, one with which you will get to raise, grow, and build special memories. 

But puppies are still baby wild animals. They’ll also eventually grow up to be full-sized dogs. You need to make sure you guide them towards the behaviors you want to see and show them how to be a happy and behaved member of your family.


Dog Training Online with Michele Forto

Michele is the host of the award winning Dog Works Radio podcast and she is a certified dog trainer, based in Willow, Alaska, that has worked with thousands of pet owners all over the world.


While she still continues to provide puppy training in person in the local area, Michele is pleased to be able to offer online puppy training via Zoom or other video service to anyone that is interested in receiving dog training, no matter where you are in the world.


Michele's unique approach to puppy training can help you give your pet the guidance it needs to thrive in the family, addressing:


Nipping/Biting Behaviors
Jumping Behaviors
Leash Behaviors
Crate Training
Basic Obedience Training, and More

Over the course of several classes, you’ll be able to work with both your dog and with Michele to address any concerns you may have and make sure your dog is integrating with the family the way you want them to be. Dog training is also about training you, the owner, and teaching you the tools and techniques that you need to have a well behaved dog.


Start the Process Today with Puppy Training from Michele Forto

Michele is a certified dog trainer that has helped train thousands of pets. Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to provide this type of training to anyone with internet access, no matter where they’re located. Online dog training is effective, useful, and a great way to learn from an expert in the field.


Schedule an appointment directly with Michele today by filling picking a time on her calendar, and Michele will get in touch with you as soon as he can with any further questions or details, if necessary, before the call.



In this program, we coach you and your dog on how to be the best! There is no other program in the country like this. It is the best of both worlds–online training and group coaching. In this  program, you will meet with Michele every other week and also have access to our amazing online tools with your very own PupPortal.


This helps establish the right relationship with your dog, helps your dog become a problem solver and make the right choices, and helps both you and your dog work together as a team.

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