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  • Difficult to walk on leash?
  • Constant pulling when walking?
  • Uncontrollable barking?
  • Aggression with other dogs or people?
  • Bitting or nipping?
  • Very Stubborn?
  • Digging holes?
  • Lack of basic obedience? 

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Attention Dog Owners:

Who Else Wants to Train Their Dog to Be one of the Best? 

Leash pulling, aggression, anxiety, jumping, chewing, bad behaviors, barking, not coming when called, and much, much more.

Even if you have tried other trainers, even if you have had problems for weeks, months or years, our GUARANTEED Peak Performance Program can help you and your dog...


Imagine being able to take your dog anywhere, have a dog who LISTENS...even with distractions, and a dog who happily respects you and pays attention to you no matter what...


90 Days to See Complete Results


Whether it's the small stuff like leash pulling or jumping, or big stuff like aggression and anxiety, over 90% of dog owners see the results they are looking for in 90 days or less. 


What would your life be like if...?

We have been helping dog owners like you for over three decades. We have come to know dog owners pretty well. 
And we know things about you too.
You are likely someone who?


1.Has big problems that you have tried to solve...and haven't figured out how? Or...


2. Have big goals. Your dog is a good dog overall, but you need to get a hang of things like leash manners, jumping, or coming when called, and you ESPECIALLY need those things to happen when there are distractions? Or...


3.You have a puppy and you want to start off right. 


Are we right? 


We also know the frustration that dog owners have. 


You are already watching videos on Youtube. You are already talking to friends, family, and co-workers to get tips and tricks. You are already reading articles, maybe even a book here and there. 


But there is a problem.


Even if the advice and training you are getting is good (and often isn't) it doesn't matter!


It doesn't matter because training a dog is all about getting to the root causes of WHY your dog is being disobedient or acting out.

A dog owner who's dog is barking, lunging or jumping on guests, or pulling on the leash...


They want a shortcut. They want a quick tip for what words to say. What collar or leash to use, or something that will just get the dog to stop!


But it doesn't work like that.


Each and every problem you dog has comes from a deeper challenge. 


That challenge may be too much pent up mental or physical energy. It could be fear, It cold be an out of balance relationship with the owner. It could be anxiety. 


It can be a lot of things...


But the bottom line is: THERE IS NO QUICK FIX!


I guess we should say...there is no quick fix where you say this word in that tone, or use this special leash or that special shirt, or whatever...


But there IS a shortcut where you don't HAVE to take months or years to get a dog to STOP bad behavior and FINALLY start listening. 


Our Peak Performance Program is exactly that.


No, we aren't going to show you a quick tip or trick.


What we are going to do in this program is help you establish a relationship where your dog is happily, respectful of you, has a calm mindset, thinks through problems instead of simply reacting, and listens and minds you because he or she WANTS to mind you and realizes that is the happiest way for all to exist. 


Does that sound like something you want? 


If so then investing in this program is the only logical choice. 


It is logical because it is a program built on taking you by the hand and showing you week-by-week, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do to overcome any issue you might have. 


Do You need More Time to Decide?


Below you will see some more information on our programs, what our clients are saying, and have the ability to see our prices to other programs too. 


Limited Time Offer: Click to call us for a FREE consultation to learn about our programs! Call us at 206-752-3647



Peak Performance


Ascent Program


Board and Train


Virtual Program

What Our Client Are Saying


“Always and amazing experience. I am a slope worker so my dog has been boarded quite a bit for extended periods of time.

I know that every time he gets picked up he’s in the best hands. I know they will treat him like a family member. "

Tyler C. 


"Amazing trainers! Caring and compassionate! Michele, Nicole and Robert treat you like family. I would not recommend anyone else.”

Michael C.


Michelle is such a wonderful person! She is incredibly knowledgeable about all breeds and knows how to handle every situation that occurs! We added an Alaskan Malamute to our family and she helped with obedience training and biting with him. He came back to our house an improved furbaby! I 100% recommend Michelle. We will be using her services continuously since we have decided to do the therapy dog program with out Alaskan Malamute. Thanks Michelle!


Sandy K.

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