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Bobby Carroll with Shadow

"Alaska Dog Works has been fantastic. Michele, Robert, and Nicole are awesome trainers. I’ve been using them to train my German Shepard. He is turning out just liked I’d hoped. I highly recommend their training services for all dogs!"

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We are the dog trainers in Alaska to call when you want to get your dog to listen to you, anywhere you go--even around other dogs, tennis balls, and even wildlife. Yes, even those pesky moose on the trail.


We will design a program that works for you and your family to help build a better relationship with your K9 Buddy.

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"Amazing trainers! Caring and compassionate! Michele, Nicole and Robert treat you like family. I would not recommend anyone else.”

- Mike C.-

Michelle and her team have been instrumental is allowing us to have a well behaved Karelian Bear Dog. We did the Peak Performance Camp and also attended the group lessons in the summer. Whenever we had a training question, Michelle was quick to respond via Zoom to talk us through different strategies. We also have done additional lessons with bikejorring. Thanks Alaska Dog Works!

Julie Graham

Robert Forto combines decades of knowledge about dogs, mushing, and canine training with a natural enthusiasm for all dog-related topics. He brings a consistently fresh perspective and curiosity to all the subjects he tackles and is always eager to share his passion for dogs and the outdoors with his audience.


Alex Stien

Rags is my spirit animal! After successfully training my first dog through group classes, including Agility, our second dog, Rags, gave us quite a different experience! Pretty quickly into having Rags, we knew she was not going to be trained in a group setting and I began panicking and reaching out. I quickly found AK Dog works and have not regretted my decision. Michele and Nicole have been working with us (training the humans, along with Rags). They have incorporated the fact that I have a second, very attached dog and that Rags is mostly my preteen daughters' dog (the type that puts in half the work-eyes rolling.) Rags has successfully gone through the program, along with extra one on one sessions in public settings to help prepare her for CGC. We are still working on typical adolescent dog behaviors but we have more of a grasp of how to handle Rags and everyday life. Michele and Nicole are readily available for continued questions and support. I have recommended this program to several families and I use our training daily with both of our dogs.

Jessica Sears

Hey Michele! It has been nine years since you taught me to train Lady- black lab mix in Anchorage 2013. Since then she has saved my life from an intruder and been a faithful teachers pet. One of the most obedient dogs I have owned thanks to your training. I just got a golden pyrenees mix and this dog is super smart and super stubborn. Fortunately, the training you taught me and using lady as an example has allowed me to train this 12 week old puppy to do a lot of commands way faster than lady. Lady will be 13 this month. Hope this brightens your day. Please post this text if you like. You can #TylerAlaskaDesjarlais
Tyler Desjarlais

Tyler Desjarlais with Lacy

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"Michele is such a wonderful person! She is incredibly knowledgeable about all breeds and knows how to handle every situation that occurs! We added an Alaskan malamute to our family and she helped with obedience training and biting with him. He came back to our house an improved K9 Buddy!

I 100% recommend Michele."



Sandy Lewis and Tundra


Highly recommend AK Dog Works for anyone needing dog training. The program is great as it was easy to follow and it works. My 5 year old German Shepherd Husky mix did very well with dog trainer Nicole and has learned a lot. I am definitely more confident training my dog as the program and trainer gave me the confidence I needed.

Jessica McKray

Alaska Dog Works not only has a fantastic training program that helped develop our 10 month old viszla into a well behaved companion for my wife and I but there’s no other boarding service I trust more than Michelle and her Family. Our pup is treated like a member of their family and gets the same care and affection. He also the same expectations set of him, which means that unlike some other boarding locations he comes back even better behaved and socialized with other dogs in healthy and productive ways. Overall they are flexible, extremely competent, and there’s no one else I trust with my dog more than Alaska Dog Works.

Bradley M.

In retirement we got an AussieDoodle puppy. She has a LOT of energy, and in spite of walking her 5-10 miles every day, she was still unable to settle down. Spoke to Michelle for a consult, who said we were trying to tire her out PHYSICALLY, but she needed to be challenged MENTALLY with training. Our efforts to do the right thing with our dog needed assistance. We scheduled RBG for AK Dog Works—the Ascent Program—2 weeks of on site training. She came back to us kennel trained, responsive to commands, and much calmer and settled. We have attended numerous group classes for “tune-ups” which are available to us for the rest of RB’s life for no charge. Thanks to Michelle and Nicole (her daughter) for setting us on the path to RBG’s AKC Good citizen certification—which she now will be able to achieve! We could not be happier with the results of her training!

Anne with RBG

Alaskan Dog works was a great investment. Michele and her team are excellent trainers. If you follow the program you will have a well behaved dog. My dog came back from camp happy and listening and ready to show what she learned. So if you got a puppy and don’t quite know what to do, just call Michele.

Tamika Anderson-Glaze


"Michele is such a wonderful person! She is incredibly knowledgeable about all breeds and knows how to handle every situation that occurs! We added an Alaskan Malamute to our family and she helped with obedience training and biting with him. He came back to our house an improved K9 Buddy!

I 100% recommend Michele."



Marney Mallory


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