Facebook Marketplace Solution

Our new Manual Marketplace solution.  This is a direct replacement to the Facebook Marketplace inventory syndication which Facebook sunset in September 2021.

We’ve designed our platform to utilize the existing inventory feed integration you have with Engage To Sell.  Our Manual Marketplace pricing is based on the inventory count in your inventory feed.  

  Inventory Count
Manual Marketplace Monthly Price
0 - 100 $199
101 - 200 $399
> 200
Inquire for Pricing

*A one-time $99 setup fee applies for accounts not utilizing Engage To Sell chat

If you’re not currently utilizing Engage To Sell as your chat provider, you can elect to have our 24,7/365 live agents handle all chats originating from your Marketplace listings for an additional $99 (Inventory Count less than 100) or $199 (Inventory Count more than 100).

Our team will Add, Update, and Remove your dealership’s inventory daily as needed.

Active Listing Definition
All inventory that is currently listed on Marketplace.
Add Definition
All inventory that needs to be added to FB Marketplace.
Update Definition
All inventory currently on Marketplace has an updated price which needs to be updated on Marketplace.
Remove Definition
All inventory is currently listed on Marketplace and is no longer in the account’s inventory feed.  These listings need to be removed from FB Marketplace.

I’m happy to schedule a call to answer any questions that you may have.


Terry Gibson / President

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