Are You Aching To Own Your Own Home But Your Money Isn't Where You Need It To Be?

Are You Stressed Out Over The High Cost Of Carrying Your Debts?

Are You Sick And Tired Of Not Knowing Where Your Money Goes Each Month?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above, then consider attending this FREE workshop

with Forrest Huguenin, President of Intentional Money Solutions LLC

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Thursday May 9th @12pm ET

Have You Ever Said To Yourself...

"Wow, I thought I'd have more to show for my hard work by now."


The truth is, if you have said this, you are not alone.


Like millions of Americans, you lack a plan and a proven system to reach your financial goals.


I myself have been there, lost, stuck and feeling afraid and alone.


But with trial and error, I pulled myself out and turned it around.


And that's why I created my SMART System of Money Management, an easy to follow set of principles proven to work in any situation.


Here's what you'll learn:

Everything You Need To Get Control Of Your Money

  • Learn how to make the SMART System work for you!
  • Action-based and easily tailored to your unique situation
  • Simple, clear and easy-to-follow plan
  • Valuable workbook to help guide you through creating your own financial plan
  • Learn how to create an Intentional Spending Plan
  • Learn how to save even when money is tight
  • Learn how to manage credit and pay down debt in healthy ways
  • Gain hope and clarity about the future and your goals


Don't Struggle Another Day!

"Success is yours for the taking.


Now, I can't promise you'll be an overnight millionaire... unfortunately it just doesn't happen that way.


But with my 5-Step plan, you can eliminate the stress and overwhelm that hits people when they think about tackling their money problems.


When you set financial goals with my principles, you'll be able to move forward confidently toward reaching your financial goals.


Owning a home, paying off debt and managing your money will become easier and easier as you grow in confidence and skills.


This is just the beginning of a whole new financial life, one where you are captain of your own ship and master of your fate!"

Take The First Step To Financial Freedom And Lock In Your Seat Now For This Valuable Workshop!

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