Live Event - 60 Minutes - Not Recorded

RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory)

Why attend this Zoom?

As a coach, therapist, or healer, you know people are more stressed out, have more anxiety, have been traumatized to varying degrees, and are seeking solutions and relief, so they can live a happy, peaceful, and successful life.


We also know that 95% of our brain activity is NOT in our awareness. We know that emotions (past and present) are driving our CURRENT decisions, behaviors, and beliefs. We know that the intellectual mind and our emotional mind don't speak the same language. The good news is, we also know that neuroplasticity allows the brain to rewire itself.


On this Zoom you will experience RIM or witness a demo and discover how we dip beneath the logical mind, release old stuck emotions, and dissolve the root cause of issue. All while anchoring it in the body and the brain as a new felt experience.     


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RIM® is a client generated, closed eye, and verbal process that leverages body awareness and imagination to dip beneath logic and dissolve the root cause of an issue.

Your Host:

Michael J Kline

Master RIM Practitioner & Licensed Trainer
Certified Jack Canfield Methodology Trainer
Certified Barrett Values Center Consultant
Co-Owner & Firekeeper at Con Smania Retreat Center, Costa Rica

Creator of RIM:

Dr Deborah Sandella

Owner of The RIM Institute

Doctorate in Human Communication

Masters in Psychiatric Nursing

University Professor

Best Selling Author

40+ Years Experience

What Jack Canfield said about RIM:

“RIM produces such immediate and extraordinary emotional and physical results, it may at first appear unbelievable, but I have witnessed it in action in my own life and the lives of hundreds of my students and trainees and can testify to its profound impact.”  ~ Jack Canfield, Americas #1 Success Coach, Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles.

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