About Cheryl & William Hemphill

Cheryl Hemphill is a certified project manager and holds a business degree from Georgia State University. For over thirty years, Cheryl has served in various ministry positions from television production to youth ministry leader to planning and coordinating ministry activities for her church. Cheryl has a desire to travel and experience many different cultures. Fun fact – Cheryl loves to collect Christmas ornaments wherever she goes and puts up her travel Christmas tree every year.


Rev. William Hemphill is a professional counselor who works with couples to decrease conflict, increase communication, rebuild connection in their relationships in his business, Faith and Family Empowerment.  In addition, he leads marital intensives with Focus on the Family. He has pastored two churches and is the host of the Faith and Family Matters podcast, a podcast that builds faith in people and strengthens marital and family relationships. He is the author of the book, Praying with Your Spouse: A Secret to Building Intimacy In Your Marriage.


William and Cheryl want to leverage their marital successes and challenges to help other couples. They believe that strong marriages lead to stronger and healthier families.


Married since 1995, William and Cheryl are the parents of three children and have one granddaughter.