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Targeted Exposure

Reach your audience directly during their most relaxed time of day, influencing  purchasing decisions.

Increased Brand Visibility

Helps you connect customers to your social media, building brand recognition and familiarity.

Neighborhood Networks

Captivate customers with high quality  color ads and QR codes, leading to increased interactivity and positive word of mouth advertising.

β€œIt’s an amazing way to support your local community, the results speak for themselves… and local companies get more business!”

Allison Wait Staff Manager, Corbett's Restaurant Redding, CA

A word to you from Mark Allen, about advertising:


Everyone quit Yellow Pages. Nobody listens to ads anymore.  Traditional advertising is fading, but here's a goldmine for your business. Restaurant Tabletop Advertising, currently being used in 3,000+ restaurants in the US. These are the potent blend of visibility, affordability, and engagement.


Why Tabletop Advertising?

🀝 Community Connection: Align with local, loved restaurants. Spark community pride and collaborations.
πŸ—£οΈ Word of Mouth: Generate conversations right at the table, boosting referrals up to 50%.
πŸ”’ Constant Visibility: No chanel to change, no paper to toss. Repeated exposure with undiminished quality.
πŸ“± Enhanced Digital Engagement: Dynamic QR codes for social media boosts, videos, contests, and more.
πŸ’° Affordability: At mere pennies per exposure, maximize reach without draining your budget.
πŸ“ˆ Drive Traffic & Sales: Effective branding that leads customers right to your door.

πŸš€ Act fast! Premium spots are limited and fill up rapidly. Secure yours today!


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