Episode 1  - "Navigating through the waters of job search,
with Bill Amirault

Some of our conversation's take aways:

  • The signs of mis/alignment with our inner compass
  • The benefits of personality assessments
  • The "rocks and currents" of the job search
  • The right mindset to stay afloat during job search
  • Personal life and career entanglement: "Life is gonna win"
  • The opportunities of difficult times

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Episode 2 - "Working for impact, not for insights"
with Sebastian Koellner

Some of our conversation's take aways:

  • Finding passion for a living
  • Signs you're ready for a career shift
  • The (money) stories that get in our way
  • Worth vs value in salary & business negotiation
  • Building business your way (story)
  • Is self-employment really for me ?

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Episode 3 - "From Silicon Valley to Channeling"
with Rayania Chaenn

Some of our conversation's take aways:

  • Cultural evolution of spirituality 
  • Ways to find purpose
  • Money considerations in career fulfilment
  • What does it takes to wake up to the need to change
  • The purpose of "work/career/business" for spiritual beings
  • Advice for challenging work situations in our economic climate

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Episode 4 - "Happy Workplaces: an Unstoppable Movement"
with Stephen Dargan

Some of our conversation's take aways:

  • Spiritual experiences on the Camino
  • "Sit by Nelly", the old culture that crushes enthusiasm
  • Resistance to change 
  • What makes great leaders
  • The precursors: Ricardo Semler, Henry Stewart... 
  • Playing to our strengths
  • Celebrating mistakes

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Episode 5 - "Higher Consciousness vs Human Perspective"
Giving Career Advice for Challenging Times


This episode is not a new conversation.


Instead it puts in parallel parts of previous conversations with Rayania Chaenn channeling a Higher Consciousness and Bill Amirault, Career Development Coach.


Summarizing career advice for challenging times coming both from a Higher Consciousness and from a human perspective. 

Episode 6 - "The Feminine and Masculine in Business"
with Stacy Kehren Idema

Some of our conversation's take aways:

  • Business is always personal
  • A journey to discover the Feminine
  • Women vs men-led businesses
  • Corporate vs Business, how to thrive
  • Self-fulfilling prophecies and mirroring energy
  • Advice moving from corporate to business

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Episode 7 - "The Dharma of Work"
with Deva Naidu

Some of our conversation's take aways:

  • Spirituality is as Living breathing experience
  • Expanded consciousness at 5 years old.
  • Some considerations about Enlightenment
  • The 4 tenants of Life in Hinduism
  • What keeps everything together: Dharma.
  • Some considerations on Reincarnation
  • The Spirit of great organisations

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Episode 8 - "Communication to Heal the World"
with Cathy Brooks

Some of our conversation's take aways:

  • The "Breath of God"
  • Dogs stories
  • One vision to heal the world
  • Radical Authenticity: the power to stop wars
  • The experience of Light
  • The only one thing ever in the way
  • Every elephant in the room as the same core motivations
  • Feelings are real but feelings aren't facts.
  • How to elevate civilisation above polarities

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Episode 9 - "The Heart in Management"
with Mark C. Crowley

Some of our conversation's take aways:

  • How a hateful childhood laid the foundation for a naturally caring loving management style
  • Reverse engineering successful management
  • Heart vs Mind, the state of flow
  • The resistance to speaking of the Heart in business
  • Creating a movement for change from the bottom up
  • Explaining heart-connection to the skeptics: the F-word
  • Good managers don't pass on fear and stress to others

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Episode 10 - "The Subconscious Dynamics of Health and Career"
with Inga Joseph

Some of our conversation's take aways:

  • Spirituality is a commitment
  • Ancestry and beliefs system
  • How much Free Will do we have
  • An easy way to trust our intuition
  • The real causes of dis-ease patterns
  • Secondary gains that keep us stuck: what do we gain in toxic situations
  • Childhood traumas and underlying beliefs that impact our career


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Episode 11 - "Happiness at Work Library"
Book Recommendations from Stephen Dargan

Episode 12 - "Tips for Career Fulfillment and Spiritual Growth"
With Julie Pône

Recorded workshop on 15 June 2021 (Internations)

  • What to check and fix before making any career decisions
  • What to know about career fulfillment and soul purpose in order to make better career decisions
  • What to do for your career and karma
  • The Career Realignment Journey, overview and how it relates to manifesting.


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Episode 13 - "The Martial Art of Self Exploration"
With Iskra Petrova

Conversation take aways:

  • Spirituality as an exploration

  • When a career is perfect on paper...

  • But the paper burns

  • Purpose is a heavy question, take steps instead

  • What Martial Arts bring to self exploration

  • Parallel lifetimes and listening to the many sources of intuition

  • Vector of Intention applied to decision making


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Episode 14 - "The Unlikely Ingredients of a Unique Career Recipe"
With Katie McManus

Conversation take aways:

  • Connecting career dots is like baking a cake

  • Building trust in the Universe

  • Caveats and beauty of ADHD

  • Many ways to listen to our inner voice:

    Transcendental meditation, Visualisation, Sigils

  • A Tarot reading experience
  • Money and Spirituality

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Episode 15 - "The Conscious Quest to Having It All"
With Jochen Frey

Conversation take aways:


  • Consciousness is always available, but are we noticing?
  • The Sacredness of Holding a space
  • From Burnout to spiritual experience
  • When our Essence does the talking
  • The value of pain 
  • Curiosity at the core of consciousness
  • Vision quest: fasting in the jungle
  • Feeling "above the line" is accessible to all of us


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Episode 16 - "Witches, Wealth and Woo"
With Laura Tynan

Conversation take aways:

  • Spirituality is a way of being
  • 3 career turning points, including a "crazy" trip to meet Bob Proctor
  • A balancing act between 3D and 5D
  • Listening to our intuition in decision making
  • Release and Affirm, steps to upgrade reality
  • Coming out of the spiritual closet
  • Spirituality is our best asset through challenges
  • Some advice for Corporate to Business transitioners

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Episode 17 - "Spiritual Leadership in Action"
With Gina Schatz

Conversation take aways:

  • "Born into" a career?

  • 2 stories of courage & following the heart:

    • A push to finishing what was started

    • A warning to avoid danger

  • When the brain messes up with heart connection

  • When your career change isn't approved by "God-porate"

  • What Divine Interventions look like

  • Leadership and spirituality

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Episode 18 - "From Cyberpunk to Solarpunk"
With Alex De Carvalho

Conversation take aways:


  • The Path from Atheist to rediscovering Spirituality
  • Explaining Inner Child patter recognition
  • Jung, dreams and interpreting animal encounters
  • What does "Conscious" Leadership really mean?
  • Even impacting corporations starts by the inner work
  • Considerations on AI and consciousness
  • A "Solarpunk" vision of the future


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Episode 19 - "Coming back to Art"
With Tina Frey

Conversation take aways:

  • “It never occurred to me that this could be a career”
  • Pros and cons of following an "expected” career path
  • The switch to "doing her own thing"
  • Sculpting art is sculpting life
  • How to interpret difficulties: signs to quit, or persevere?
  • Burnout and breaking the vicious cycle of perfectionism
  • The benefits of psychedelics and meditation
  • What's the next step after fulfilment?

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Episode 20 - "The Magic of Story Telling"
With James Moffat

Conversation take aways:

  • Spirituality and religion: questioning everything
  • Career: houseman or sales man?
  • Three questions in life and finding who we are
  • Story telling in businesses
  • Interactive storytelling with children
  • Therapeutic storytelling: healing fears with stories
  • Story telling with our loved ones
  • Featured Business, a podcast and a book

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Episode 21 - "Our Relationship with Money"
A compilation with Laura Tynan, Katie McManus & Sebastian Koellner

This episode is not a new interview. It compiles clips from previous episodes, 3 of our experts about our Relationship with Money.


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Episode 22 - "When did we hire the Universe?"
With Manish Sundariya

Conversation take aways:

  • Spirituality is a way of life
  • From call centre to investment banking
  • Influence of Hinduism
  • Why am I human
  • Theory of replacement and manifestation
  • Take care of your people
  • Managing self and stress
  • 4 things to remember 

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Episode 23 - "Licence to BE, the Way of the Yogi"
With Sumit Sharma

Conversation take aways:

  • Longing to find meaning to existence
  • Spirituality is not an idea
  • A tale of Ferraris and spaceships
  • Another tale, of roses and sunflowers.
  • Meditation, embracing the light, the practice of being
  • Every presence has a fragrance
  • Seeing through false reality
  • Letting go of what your career should be so it can unfold

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