Lateste Episode:  44 - "Near Death Lessons for Life"
with David Towns

Conversation take aways:

  • Soul Searching & spiritual influences on work life
  • Synchronicity opens next life chapter: moderating “Life After Life”, Dr Moody's work
  • The “other side" is more and more present
  • Free will or pre-destined life experiences?
  • Are we reincarnating forever?
  • Adam Fulford’s NDE during police arrest
  • Lessons from Adam’s multiple Life Reviews
  • Are we reincarnating forever?

Episode 1  - "Navigating through the waters of job search,
With Bill Amirault

Some of our conversation's take aways:

  • The signs of mis/alignment with our inner compass
  • The benefits of personality assessments
  • The "rocks and currents" of the job search
  • The right mindset to stay afloat during job search
  • Personal life and career entanglement: "Life is gonna win"
  • The opportunities of difficult times

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Episode 2 - "Working for impact, not for insights"
With Sebastian Koellner

Some of our conversation's take aways:

  • Finding passion for a living
  • Signs you're ready for a career shift
  • The (money) stories that get in our way
  • Worth vs value in salary & business negotiation
  • Building business your way (story)
  • Is self-employment really for me ?

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Episode 3 - "From Silicon Valley to Channeling"
With Rayania Chaenn

Some of our conversation's take aways:

  • Cultural evolution of spirituality 
  • Ways to find purpose
  • Money considerations in career fulfilment
  • What does it takes to wake up to the need to change
  • The purpose of "work/career/business" for spiritual beings
  • Advice for challenging work situations in our economic climate

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Episode 4 - "Happy Workplaces: an Unstoppable Movement"
With Stephen Dargan

Some of our conversation's take aways:

  • Spiritual experiences on the Camino
  • "Sit by Nelly", the old culture that crushes enthusiasm
  • Resistance to change 
  • What makes great leaders
  • The precursors: Ricardo Semler, Henry Stewart... 
  • Playing to our strengths
  • Celebrating mistakes

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Episode 5 - "Higher Consciousness vs Human Perspective"
Giving Career Advice for Challenging Times


This episode is not a new conversation.


Instead it puts in parallel parts of previous conversations with Rayania Chaenn channeling a Higher Consciousness and Bill Amirault, Career Development Coach.


Summarizing career advice for challenging times coming both from a Higher Consciousness and from a human perspective. 

Episode 6 - "The Feminine and Masculine in Business"
With Stacy Kehren Idema

Some of our conversation's take aways:

  • Business is always personal
  • A journey to discover the Feminine
  • Women vs men-led businesses
  • Corporate vs Business, how to thrive
  • Self-fulfilling prophecies and mirroring energy
  • Advice moving from corporate to business

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Episode 7 - "The Dharma of Work"
With Deva Naidu

Some of our conversation's take aways:

  • Spirituality is as Living breathing experience
  • Expanded consciousness at 5 years old.
  • Some considerations about Enlightenment
  • The 4 tenants of Life in Hinduism
  • What keeps everything together: Dharma.
  • Some considerations on Reincarnation
  • The Spirit of great organisations

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Episode 8 - "Communication to Heal the World"
With Cathy Brooks

Some of our conversation's take aways:

  • The "Breath of God"
  • Dogs stories
  • One vision to heal the world
  • Radical Authenticity: the power to stop wars
  • The experience of Light
  • The only one thing ever in the way
  • Every elephant in the room as the same core motivations
  • Feelings are real but feelings aren't facts.
  • How to elevate civilisation above polarities

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Episode 9 - "The Heart in Management"
With Mark C. Crowley

Some of our conversation's take aways:

  • How a hateful childhood laid the foundation for a naturally caring loving management style
  • Reverse engineering successful management
  • Heart vs Mind, the state of flow
  • The resistance to speaking of the Heart in business
  • Creating a movement for change from the bottom up
  • Explaining heart-connection to the skeptics: the F-word
  • Good managers don't pass on fear and stress to others

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Episode 10 - "The Subconscious Dynamics of Health and Career"
With Inga Joseph

Some of our conversation's take aways:

  • Spirituality is a commitment
  • Ancestry and beliefs system
  • How much Free Will do we have
  • An easy way to trust our intuition
  • The real causes of dis-ease patterns
  • Secondary gains that keep us stuck: what do we gain in toxic situations
  • Childhood traumas and underlying beliefs that impact our career


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Episode 11 - "Happiness at Work Library"
Book Recommendations from Stephen Dargan

Episode 12 - "Tips for Career Fulfillment and Spiritual Growth"
With Julie Pône

Recorded workshop on 15 June 2021 (Internations)

  • What to check and fix before making any career decisions
  • What to know about career fulfillment and soul purpose in order to make better career decisions
  • What to do for your career and karma
  • The Career Realignment Journey, overview and how it relates to manifesting.


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Episode 13 - "The Martial Art of Self Exploration"
With Iskra Petrova

Conversation take aways:

  • Spirituality as an exploration
  • When a career is perfect on paper...
  • But the paper burns
  • Purpose is a heavy question, take steps instead
  • What Martial Arts bring to self exploration
  • Parallel lifetimes and listening to the many sources of intuition
  • Vector of Intention applied to decision making


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Episode 14 - "The Unlikely Ingredients of a Unique Career Recipe"
With Katie McManus

Conversation take aways:

  • Connecting career dots is like baking a cake

  • Building trust in the Universe

  • Caveats and beauty of ADHD

  • Many ways to listen to our inner voice:

    Transcendental meditation, Visualisation, Sigils

  • A Tarot reading experience
  • Money and Spirituality

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Episode 15 - "The Conscious Quest to Having It All"
With Jochen Frey

Conversation take aways:


  • Consciousness is always available, but are we noticing?
  • The Sacredness of Holding a space
  • From Burnout to spiritual experience
  • When our Essence does the talking
  • The value of pain 
  • Curiosity at the core of consciousness
  • Vision quest: fasting in the jungle
  • Feeling "above the line" is accessible to all of us


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Episode 16 - "Witches, Wealth and Woo"
With Laura Tynan

Conversation take aways:

  • Spirituality is a way of being
  • 3 career turning points, including a "crazy" trip to meet Bob Proctor
  • A balancing act between 3D and 5D
  • Listening to our intuition in decision making
  • Release and Affirm, steps to upgrade reality
  • Coming out of the spiritual closet
  • Spirituality is our best asset through challenges
  • Some advice for Corporate to Business transitioners

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Episode 17 - "Spiritual Leadership in Action"
With Gina Schatz

Conversation take aways:

  • "Born into" a career?

  • 2 stories of courage & following the heart:

    • A push to finishing what was started

    • A warning to avoid danger

  • When the brain messes up with heart connection

  • When your career change isn't approved by "God-porate"

  • What Divine Interventions look like

  • Leadership and spirituality

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Episode 18 - "From Cyberpunk to Solarpunk"
With Alex De Carvalho

Conversation take aways:


  • The Path from Atheist to rediscovering Spirituality
  • Explaining Inner Child patter recognition
  • Jung, dreams and interpreting animal encounters
  • What does "Conscious" Leadership really mean?
  • Even impacting corporations starts by the inner work
  • Considerations on AI and consciousness
  • A "Solarpunk" vision of the future


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Episode 19 - "Coming back to Art"
With Tina Frey

Conversation take aways:

  • “It never occurred to me that this could be a career”
  • Pros and cons of following an "expected” career path
  • The switch to "doing her own thing"
  • Sculpting art is sculpting life
  • How to interpret difficulties: signs to quit, or persevere?
  • Burnout and breaking the vicious cycle of perfectionism
  • The benefits of psychedelics and meditation
  • What's the next step after fulfilment?

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Episode 20 - "The Magic of Story Telling"
With James Moffat

Conversation take aways:

  • Spirituality and religion: questioning everything
  • Career: houseman or sales man?
  • Three questions in life and finding who we are
  • Story telling in businesses
  • Interactive storytelling with children
  • Therapeutic storytelling: healing fears with stories
  • Story telling with our loved ones
  • Featured Business, a podcast and a book

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Episode 21 - "Our Relationship with Money"
A compilation with Laura Tynan, Katie McManus & Sebastian Koellner

This episode is not a new interview. It compiles clips from previous episodes, 3 of our experts about our Relationship with Money.


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Episode 22 - "When did we hire the Universe?"
With Manish Sundariya

Conversation take aways:

  • Spirituality is a way of life
  • From call centre to investment banking
  • Influence of Hinduism
  • Why am I human
  • Theory of replacement and manifestation
  • Take care of your people
  • Managing self and stress
  • 4 things to remember 

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Episode 23 - "Licence to BE, the Way of the Yogi"
With Sumit Sharma

Conversation take aways:

  • Longing to find meaning to existence
  • Spirituality is not an idea
  • A tale of Ferraris and spaceships
  • Another tale, of roses and sunflowers.
  • Meditation, embracing the light, the practice of being
  • Every presence has a fragrance
  • Seeing through false reality
  • Letting go of what your career should be so it can unfold

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Episode 24 - "Dancing with Uncertainty"
With Petra Blume

Conversation take aways:

  • The definition of “career” is changing


  • Neuroscience to support career navigation

  • Who seeks career support?

  • Positive Intelligence®: neuroscience at the service of career navigation

  • The most prevalent mental saboteurs in the workplace

  • The antidote to mental saboteurs

  • When it's time to have a career conversation

  • The new future starts with school

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Episode 25 - "Rules of Intuition"
A compilation with Laura Tynan, Gina Schatz, Inga Joseph

Conversation take aways:

  • Trust in something bigger than ourselves guiding us
  • Courage to act on intuition
  • Leaning in the discomfort of uncertainty
  • How to recognise intuition from mental chatter
  • Feeling into the body
  • Fine tuning the body's Yes or No


Episode 26 - "Living Life One Experience at a Time"
With Liz Svensson

Conversation take aways:

  • A spiritual journey that started by trying to prove it wrong

  • A career path motivated by understanding people

  • What is Kinesiology

  • What it means to be Vibrational Beings for our physical and emotional health.

  • How our processing of emotions impacts our health and development

  • We chose our experiences: a success story of manifesting

  • Having that trust that life will work out

Episode 27 - "Coaching, this Spiritual Practice"
With Aisling Melia

Conversation take aways:

  • When a big life changing move turns out misaligned

  • The importance of knowing what fuels us
  • Until you learn coaching you have no idea what coaching is about

  • The perks of being a coach with a recruiter background

  • Recruiter vs Coach: similarities and differences
  • Coaching with Neuroscience 
  • Book recommendations: Eckart Tolle, Shirzad Chamine & Brené Brown.

Episode 28 - "Expatriation & Trusting your Life Design"
With Simone Anzböck

Conversation take aways:

  • Simone's relationship to Spirituality and career trajectory
  • Moving abroad for your own career VS following a partner: big difference and mental health challenge.
  • Why some people move abroad and some don’t
  • Challenges of expatriation: Where is home?
  • How Human design supported Simone on her journey
  • Advice to managing oneself and adjust abroad
  • Simone’s best learning from expatriation

Episode 29 - "Connecting Inner and Outer Worlds"
With Corrina Rider

Conversation take aways:

  • Relationship to Spirituality: Life itself is spiritual
  • A Road trip and nature immersion
  • Forget about the dream career, focus on living the dream life
  • Inventing a new path: Sensorial story telling and Spiritual Design
  • The Environment / Wellness entanglement: how our inner and outer worlds are indissociable
  • Career advice: let spirit be the guide

Episode 30 - "The Way of the Spiritual Warrior"
With Thomas Legrand

Conversation take aways:

  • Learnings from immersion in the Native spirituality of Mexico
  • Capitulation or the practice of reclaiming one's lost energy
  • The practice of Non-Doing
  • A career guided by the energy of the Forest and the Wood element
  • Lessons from communicating the Inner Dimension to a variety of audiences
  • We are open, but the system keeps us isolated
  • What is Politics of Being, and its vision for a sustainable future anchored in wisdom.

Episode 31 - "Cosmic Mothering, the Energetics of Life"
With Tazeen Dhunna

Conversation take aways:

  • Spiritual path: "un-learning" towards Sufism

  • Career journey & lessons from Trauma

  • From Corporate to Business: no mental gymnastics required.

  • Balancing Motherhood & Career

  • The Gifts of Motherhood

  • Motherhood and Spirituality

  • A question for us all

Episode 32 - "Letting Go to Move Forward"
With Angela Roth

Conversation take aways:

  • Spirituality, faith and purpose

  • Why and how to Let go of the past

  • Career: helping people from the Police Forces to supporting entrepreneurs

  • Conviction and following the Heart

  • Collaborations made in heaven, don’t stay by yourself!

  • Training people to be on stage

  • The meaning of being Heart-Led

  • Someone needs what you have to offer

Episode 33 - "Astrology, Navigating the Cycles of Life"
With Stella Scott

Conversation take aways:

  • Unexpected perspectives on Religion, empowerment and potential
  • What did you do on your Saturn Return?
  • Gestalt therapy
  • "Astrology saved my ass": financial disaster avoided.
  • Astrology to navigate with the cycles of life: how it helps us to prepare, mitigate, cope, anticipate, know when the end of the tunnel is in sight....
  • Many ways Astrology is a blessing for business decisions.

Episode 34 - "Decoding Life with the Kabbalah"
With Chaim Apsan

Conversation take aways:

  • Religion vs Spirituality, what's the difference?
  • Money, mind and emotions
  • What is God?
  • God, the Aether, the Universe... different language for the same idea?
  • The use of Kabbalah for life and career choices
  • Some concepts less typically associated with Kabbalah: Meditation, reincarnation and manifestation.
  • Kabbalah, the HTML of life?
  • Being spiritual is not reserved to spiritual people

Episode 35 - "L.O.V.E, Lots Of Vibrant Energy"
With Doug Gordon

Conversation take aways:

  • Difference bw spirituality and religion
  • Professional path
  • What sucks the joy out of fulfilling work (politics)
  • Navigating toxic environments
  • Before and after a Near Death Experience
  • Does Healing and Corporate world mix well together?
  • Post NDE Insights on Karma
  • Charge Yourself Up, a book for a way of life
  • Leadership and Life Mastery Summit

Episode 36 - "Engineering and Sophrology"
With Annette Ebbinghaus

Conversation take aways:

  • From Civil Engineering to Engineering of the Body

  • Strong foundation for a healthy life

  • Organised religion and spiritual turnarounds

  • Scientists and religion

  • Sophrology: what and why

  • Working with professional parents and teenagers

  • Stay curious!

Episode 37 - "The Tough Landing of an Ocean Sailor"
With Lucy Thom

Conversation take aways:

  • Sailing story of a real life "God help us!" situation.
  • When you can't bring yourself to ask for help: The difficulty of transitioning from high achieving sailor to parent.
  • Mate to mediator: from conflict resolution at sea to conflict resolution as a new career.
  • Reclaiming one's voice and authentic self expression
  • Lessons from a chronic illness: don't kill the messenger!
  • Giving ourselves permission to heal

Episode 38 - "Stop Outsourcing Your Knowing!"
With Kasia Bradford

Conversation take aways:

  • Being "taken care of" by Spirit
  • From thinking others know better to trusting what she want
  • Defining who we are: from roles to ways of being
  • The most unusual impulse for maternity
  • Don't rush when you start your career
  • What's truly behind boredom
  • Knowing our values to know when things are aligned
  • Things just reveal themselves when we’re present with people

Episode 39 - "The Sound of Spirit"
With Dr. Shireen Maluf

Conversation take aways:

  • Spirituality shouldn’t be an escape
  • Chaos and Peace of heart
  • What is Musicology?
  • The path to Medicine Woman
  • The body is the instrument, the soul is its strings
  • Tuning inwards and finding our own song
  • The subtleties of sound vs noise
  • What’s with 432hz?
  • The problem with Listening
  • Empaths don’t know they’re empaths
  • Inter-species communication & evolution
  • The gifts of an empath

Episode 40 - "The Maths & Geometry of Career Fulfilment"
With Uschi Baumann

Conversation take aways:

  • Spirituality, purpose and faith
  • Corporate Erasmus or manifesting the perfect job travelling
  • Stories of stressful corporate life: taking things personally and going too far out comfort zone
  • Continuous discomfort: the sign something’s not right
  • Some triangles to work and live by: from System-People-Process to Think-Feel-Do
  • The maths of a happy work life: Enjoyment vs discomfort ratios and red thread percentages
  • The journey from Corporate to Coach, going from A to B, where B is better than A (another equation!)
  • Leader’s challenges, dealing with fear

Episode 41 - "Ripple Effects"
3 impactful examples with Tina Frey, Gina Schatz and Angela Roth

This episode is not a new interview. It compiles clips from previous episodes, with 3 of our speakers' experiences that tell a story of the ripple effect which gets created when one embraces their career purpose.


Tina Frey: now that her design company, founded after decades of working in corporate, is cruising, she's got an itch for a bigger purpose beyond herself.

Gina Schatz: Bodyworker and founder of her own method, who followed her purpose all along, nearly switches career and when reminded of her gift, is guided to expand it tenfold.

Angela Roth: From impacting one person at a time in the Police Forces to training coaches on how to impact as many people as possible through live events. 

Episode 42 - "Applied Positivity"
with Richard Spitzer

Conversation take aways:

  • From philosophy to spirituality
  • Spirituality and belief capability
  • Deconstructing and measuring intangible concepts
  • They all say to be positive but don't tell how to get there
  • How do I know I'm positive enough?
  • Positivity, what it is and is not, and what difference it makes,
  • Do we really need it to succeed?
  • 68% the positivity sweet spot
  • Positivity can't compensate for not having the right goal.
  • Observable results but no measurable process

Episode 43 - "Effortless Work"
with Jochen Frey and Tazeen Dhunna

Two very successful people, who also experienced the toughness of the professional world, Jochen Frey from the entrepreneurial side and Tazeen Dhunna from the corporate side, and both have found the "holy grail" of fulfilment, share their experience of what happens when what you do for a living is aligned with who you are. 

Episode 44 - "Near Death Lessons for Life"
with David Towns

Conversation take aways:

  • Soul Searching & spiritual influences on work life
  • Synchronicity opens next life chapter: moderating “Life After Life”, Dr Moody's work
  • The “other side" is more and more present
  • Free will or pre-destined life experiences?
  • Are we reincarnating forever?
  • Adam Fulford’s NDE during police arrest
  • Lessons from Adam’s multiple Life Reviews
  • Are we reincarnating forever?