How we can help you on this call:

  • Conversion Rate Challenges
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Real Estate Agent Relationships
  • Dealing with Rate Shoppers
  • Goal Setting and Business Planning
  • Effective Database Utilization
  • Importance of Asking for Business
  • Utilizing a Structured Daily Success Plan
  • Referral Partner Development

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Community Support

Nicholas Akel in Port Saint Lucie, FL, just surpassed his goal and closed 8 loans in one month- a personal best. (so far!)

Daily Success Plan

Colin Lancashire in Austin, TX, is truckin' along with Thor's Hammer and has booked 4 appointments in one day!

Call Stars

Glenn Siaumau out of Long Beach, CA, just booked 10 meetings in one week - he credits 'Call Stars'.

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