What's Your Story?
If you need help telling it, then this book is for you!

Become an Emotionally Connected Leader Through Your Storytelling
By Melissa Reaves
Available Now: https://linktr.ee/storyfruition

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This is a hands-on book that will help any executive who is seeking to improve their communication skills to:

  • Better connect with audiences.
  • Inspire your team during your Town Halls.
  • Excite your shareholders about your vision.
  • Calm the waters effectively when your position as a leader requires it.
  • Compel investors and partners to say YES because they understand your vision story.

This book focuses on crafting amazing stories that are "Mind Movies" that you deliver both verbally and visually to make your impact.

All of this happens when you take the time and effort to be an compelling and captivating storyteller.

Your wisdom is in your stories.

So, tell your stories, and tell them well!


Read and Listen to THE STORYTELLER'S MIND MOVIE and change your life for the better.


"Businesses have visions to improve the world. Tell that story clearly and you'll accelerate your success. This book, The Storyteller's Mind Movie, is the gas pedal for entrepreneurs."

Kevin Harrington,  CEO of TVGOODS.com, Original Shark on SHARK TANK 

"Let’s face it, today, it's difficult to find a successful business that does not have a good story behind it.  It's not enough to have a product or service that solves a problem - your company needs to stand out.  Stories provide meaning, create context and evoke a sense of purpose - and can captivate your audience – and Melissa’s book tells you how."

LINDA FISK, CEO, LeadHERship Global

"I can tell you without a doubt the tips, lessons, strategies and wisdom Melissa Reaves of Story Fruition has compiled to help people craft a better pitch changes lives and companies every day. Reading this book and implementing what is taught here will do the same for you too! "

Nick Hughes, Founder/CEO, Founders Live

 "The Storyteller’s Mind Movie is a book all sales and marketing teams and corporate leaders need to read and apply to their messaging."

Marla Schimke, Head of Product Marketing, Broadcom