What if a bacterial overgrowth in the GI tract could be contributing to the presence and severity of autism in a subset of children?


And what if a common over-the-counter medication (suggested by almost every pediatrician) and a common herbicide found in a majority of non-organic food, were two contributing factors to this epidemic and even many neuropsychiatric disorders?


The data is compelling on the role of two common exposures that pregnant mothers and their babies have that can be setting the stage for GI disruption leading to neurodevelopmental issues in our children. However, this issue goes way beyond pregnant mothers, but also applies to many individuals with autism who are likely carrying this often undiagnosed, pathogenic bacteria in their guts.


This webinar shares new data from Dr. Shaw’s recent published research in an easy-to understand presentation.


This webinar will provide new and compelling evidence for the cause of about 50% of the cases of autism, offer practical suggestions to reduce future cases of autism, and explain the best way to treat those individuals with diagnosed Clostridia. And remember, Clostridia is not just present in autism, but also found to be a major underlying factor in many neuropsychiatric disorders. 

Dr. Shaw will present the various ways Clostridia harms important metabolic functions of the body including fatty acid metabolism, cholesterol synthesis, mitochondrial functioning and more. 

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About the Presenter

William Shaw Ph.D., biochemist and toxicologist, specialized in integrative treatments for autism and maintenance of brain health, founder of Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. (now Mosaic Dx), IMMH, New Beginnings Nutritionals, expert witness, biochemical and nutritional consultant, accomplished teacher and speaker.


Dr. Shaw has published two books on the causes and treatments of autism which have sold more than a million copies in 12 languages, as well as 32 published articles. He discovered that chemicals derived from Clostridia bacteria are a major cause, perhaps the major cause, of autism spectrum disorders as well as neuropsychiatric diseases. Such neuropsychiatric diseases include seizures, Parkinson’s disease, depression, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, and others.

He also solved a major medical mystery at CDC that was causing inaccurate thyroid testing throughout the world. He, along with Sydney Baker, published an account of a complete reversal of autism by the treatment of mold with antifungal drugs. He founded the Great Plains Laboratory, Inc., a world leader in integrative medical testing which provided testing in multiple languages throughout the world.


Dr. Shaw was the recipient of the 2013 award for outstanding research in child brain research by the International Academy of Child Brain Research for his work in the field of autism. In 2021 Shaw was awarded the Jonathan Forman Award by the American Association of Environmental Medicine for his outstanding contributions to the field of Environmental Medicine. In 2022, Shaw received the Herbert J. Rinkel Award from the American Association of Environmental Medicine for his contributions in teaching in the field of environmental medicine.


He is a well-known speaker at many prestigious conferences and meetings world-wide and has provided medical training in virtually every state in the United States and in most of the developed countries of the world in approximately 500 scientific presentations.