#1 Most Modifiable Risk Factor for
Preventing Dementia

Effective Treatment of Hearing Loss and Tinnitus to Prevent Decline


Thursday, March 28th
at 11:00am

8 Freer Street, Lynbrook
(Lunch will be served after the
presentation and discussion.)

**Seating is Limited!**
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Limited Seating, RSVP Required  |  Lunch Served After Presentation

Who This Event Is For YOU If Any of These Apply to You:

1.  You are over the age of 50
2.  You have experienced Tinnitus, or ringing/buzzing/chirping in the ears
3.  Your doctor has ever told you that you were diabetic
4.  You have high blood pressure
5.  You sometimes have difficulty hearing
6.  You are retired without a driving purpose
7.  You forget more than you used to, or are having more ‘Senior Moments’
=> If any of the above apply to you, a loved one, or neighbor we look forward to seeing you and them at this Dementia Education Event

Learn From Guest Speaker
Dr. Lawrence Cardano, Au.D.

Author and speaker, Lawrence Cardano, Au.D., is a Board of Audiology® Certified audiologist and is a Certified Dementia Practitioner®. Most recent Long Island Choice Award winner as Best Audiologist, he has helped thousands of patients solve their hearing clarity problems and improve their quality of life. Dr. Cardano is co-author with neuroscientist Keith Darrow, Ph.D. of "Stop Living Your Life Disconnected." He is the author of "The Hearing Clarity Solution" and the monthly newsletter, "Long Island Sound." Dr. Cardano is a frequent speaker on the topics of healthy aging and the treatment of hearing loss and tinnitus.

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All attendees will receive a FREE copy of Dr. Cardano's recently released book "The Hearing Clarity Solution - How to improve and maintain your mental acuity and quality of life with better hearing."
In this informative and entertaining book, Dr. Cardano provides easy to understand answers to common questions about the causes and solutions of hearing clarity problems and the documented far reaching positive effects of proper treatment of hearing loss.