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It is very simple really.  Recommend AMP's 7 Figure Practice Playbook to a hormone clinician and you get $5,000 when they sign up!  It's a WIN-WIN for both of you.  If you are not sure if the 7 Figure Practice Playbook is worth sharing, scroll down and learn more about the program!

"It's a program unlike any other."
Most practitioners go into hormones because they know the medicine will help people live extraordinary lives.  Unfortunately, the realities of starting and running a practice quickly set in and their lives begin to suffer.  Recruiting, marketing, sales, operations, complex patients take the passion for medicine out of the equation, leading to stressful days and sleepless nights.

AMP has solved all that!

How did we know how to solve it?  Because we have grown a hormone practice from six figures to almost $5 million dollars in just six years.  We spent 12 months documenting everything a practice needs to do to be successful and put it all together into a program that is easy to follow and easy to implement.

And then, we couple it with one on one training for an entire year so they feel secure and confident in growing their business.  And, o ensure that the practitioner gets it all done right and never feels alone!




We get it.  You may not want to refer your colleagues unless you are 100% sure its a good program.  So, before you share, learn more by joining our monthly webinar.  As a matter of fact, why don't you invite your colleague as well.


Join us to uncover the secrets that will transform your hormone practice, boost your revenue, and set you on a path to career-changing achievements. Learn more from the experts who not only faced the challenges you're encountering but overcame them to operate a thriving hormone clinci.


Say goodbye to isolation, ineffective strategies, and the cycle of costly mistakes.  This is your moment to connect, learn and grow with a comprehensive plan tailored for your triumph.


Join us on this transformational journey to elevate your practice.  Secure your spot in our groundbreaking webinar today and step confidently towards crafting the hormone practice of your dreams!

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We can't wait to meet your colleague and help them accelerate their business success with our unparalleled program.  There are others out there that can help businesses succeed.  But, there are no other programs today built by hormone practitioners for hormone practitioners so give your colleagues the greatest gift by sharing the weathy!

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